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Cancer survivor Shirley Anderson gets a 3D printed jaw prosthesis

Shirley Anderson gets a 3D printed jaw

Evansville, Indiana resident Shirley Anderson was diagnosed with a cancerous lump on his tongue in 1998. Since, he had endured a series of radiation therapies and surgeries including an implant in the jaw, which left him with destroyed facial tissues. Surgeons even went as far as removing a patch of his chest muscles to recreate the jaw but failed miserably, leaving Shirley without a jaw and Adam’s apple. The condition meant, he was unable to eat solid food or even speak (he uses a small whiteboard to write what he wants to say). Reminded of the events, Della Anderson, Shirley’s wife (who he is married for last fifty years), “It’s kind of been one bad thing after another.” Read More…

Airbus APWorks creates 3D printed electric motorcycle for $56,000

APWorks_Light_Rider_3D printed electric motorcycle-1

Airbus is definitely not a name that you’d associate with motorcycles. The aviation giant has no automotive bias anyway. Through its subsidiary APWorks, Airbus has developed a peculiar kind of bike – a 3D printed motorcycle called the Light Rider. The motorcycle unveiled in Germany last week weighs only 77 pounds and draws power from a six kilowatt electric engine which keeps it going for almost 37 miles on a single charge. Read More…

MIT Media Lab develops programmable 3D printed hair for variety of applications

3dprinted hair
3D printing has paved way for new innovations, which were limited to sci-fi movies only. Recently, MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group showcased their 3D-printed innovation at the CHI 2016 for human-man computer interaction in San Joes. The Lab developed soft plastic hair that mimics real hair in nature. The artificial hair, developed under Project Cilllia, can be programmed to perform defined functions. It means advent of finger swipe sensors and passive actuators for many applications. The development has opened up new possibilities for personal fabrication, 3D printing and most importantly human-computer interaction. Read More…

Coolest 3D printed BB-8 droid from XRobots (so far)

bb-8 droid by xrobots

Did you know that in the Star Wars : The Force Awakens movie, the director Abrams used little computer-generated imagery and focused on more traditional special effects to preserve visual realism of original Star Wars. BB-8 or Beebee-Ate, a free-moving domed head droid, was one of these realistic looking creations and it did inspire many Star Wars enthusiasts to recreate this adorable droid, like Angelo Casimiro’s homemade smartphone-controlled BB-8, the hand-cranked rolling BB-8 with Lego base, and even a BB-8 rolling luggage suitcase. Read More…

World’s largest 3D printed jet engine revealed – GE Aviation’s GE9X is a monster

GE Aviation 3D printed GE9X jet engine_2

“Shaquille O’Neil would fit inside it with Kobe Bryant sitting on his shoulders.” That’s how GE Aviation describes the jet engine they just created. What’s interesting about this monster called GE9X? Well, it is 3D printed and measures 11 feet (3.35 meters) in diameter, which makes it the world’s largest jet engine. Since we are talking about a jet engine that produces unbelievable temperatures, therefore the 3D printed fuel nozzles are well complimented by the combustor and turbine made from lightweight and heat-resistant material ceramic matrix composites (CMCs).
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OLO transforms smartphone into fully-functional 3D printer for $99


Seeing all the developments in 3D printing space, most of us have dreamt of owning a 3D printer some day. If your dream is held back just because 3D printers cost too much, OLO is here for you. Seen first at the Maker Faire in New York last year, OLO is a magical device that uses your smartphone for processing and transforms it into a fully-functional 3D printer. This first smartphone-powered 3D printer by OLO 3D Inc. has taken Kickstarter by storm and has gone well past its $80,000 goal in just a few hours from launch. Read More…

Want replica 3D printed AK47 gun or Halo 5 MA5D assault rifle?

DIY 3D printed assult rifle replicas

3D printed things are slowly taking precedence over currently used manufacturing techniques for good reasons. Guns are no exception in some instances where people have taken the onus of making deadliest weapons for themselves. Designer Sergey Kolesnik has made a 3D printed AK47 as a gift for the players of massive multiplayer survival game ‘Rust’ which is developed by Facepunch Studios in Walsall, UK. The gun is a replica of AK47 used in the game and Sergey has managed to emulate it perfectly into a real one. Apparently, Sergey himself played the game set up in a post-apocalyptic environment in which 300 players can play simultaneously.
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Can you help Mr. Ben get a robust 3D printed leg?

Mr Ben cockatoo gets 3D printed leg

This sweet little bird named Mr. Ben, a cockatoo who had a hard time standing on the perch or sleeping owing to a missing leg. His owner Lorraine Hollingworth wasn’t quite sure how to get over this problem able help came from 3DPrintUK, a London-based 3D printing service. The 3D printing company were more than eager to help the poor bird and therefore requested Lorraine to send mould of Ben’s legs so that they could get the artificial claw perfect to fit.
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Solving this 3D-printed 22×22 Rubik’s Cube is going to be a nightmare!

22x22 Rubiks Cube_2

Rubik’s Cube is a good enough time pass that will develop your brain cells to make you sharper. However, I never had that privilege as the damn thing is too confusing for me to play around with. To be frank, I broke it into many pieces before I could solve it. Embarrassing, yes I know, but this one makes me nauseate. Holy mother of god, a 22×22 Rubik’s Cube that will make most of you run for cover and never ask of the physical puzzle any time soon.
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Adidas creates 3D printed running shoe finished in recycled ocean waste


Sportswear giant Adidas, with the ambition to change the way footwear industries has thrived over the years, is steadily venturing into the field of eco-friendly shoes. In collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, Adidas revealed a pair of shoes made from recycled ocean waste back in June. Now, taking that notch further, Adidas is combining 3D printing technology with ocean waste recycling to create their new concept shoe probably called “Ocean Plastic.” Read More…