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will.i.am rolls out BUTTONS – Wireless earbuds for Apple devices

BUTTONS Earbuds Model

will.i.am, an electronic accessory manufacturer, is known for its expensive products. But none of its products left lasting impression on consumers. The list of gadgets it has rolled out didn’t appear much impressive. But now, will.i.am has released a new set of wireless earphones “BUTTONS” that looks company’s best bet so far. The “BUTTONS” are inspired by the shape of vinyl records and features magnetic discs that locks the earphones around user’s neck to prevent misplacement. It can be integrated into daily wardrobe while user take calls or plays music. Read More…

Seek Thermal CompactPRO – Thermal imaging camera accessory for smartphones

Seek Thermal CompactPRO camera

Seeing thermal signatures in the dark has its own advantage, especially when you are searching for someone in pitch dark or maybe looking out for dangerous wild animal in the wild. Or perhaps seeking out the problem area in a commercial setting, like a gas leak. The advantages of thermal imaging are countless and it’s an exciting prospect to own a thermal imaging camera. But they don’t come cheap, do they? Seek Thermal imaging camera accessory for iOS and Android smartphones created quite a buzz last year and now it has become even better.
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Your chance to get cool gadgets at lowest possible prices

Gadget Sale

Who doesn’t like modern gadgets which are more of a toy to us grown-ups and bliss for kids who want nothing else but a playful time. The toys have changed so much in the last decade and more often than not, now they are more of smartphone connected or RC gadgets. Buying drones can burn a hole in your pocket and professional FPV cameras don’t come cheap either. Same is true for underwater recording cameras and accessories. As a gadget lover you want accessories that come at reasonable price and promise quality to the last bit.
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Officially Marvel authorized Captain America USB Mini fan

Captain America Mini FanCaptain America’s shield is special because it can withstand Thor’s hammer strike and it has patriotic feel.  This Marvel character is the theme for huge number of toys and accessories. Now, we have this Captain America USB Mini fan, and it does look like Captain’s shield. Read More…

Powerful Repulsor flashlight gives your car headlights good competition

Repulsor Flashlight

Normally a flashlight would be good for viewing up to a few meters of distance, but this one is different. Repulsor flashlight has a total luminous flux of 7911 lumens which is the highest in current breed of flashlights. Now that would put my car headlights to shame for sure. This flashlight has a beam angle of more than 60 degrees to make sure you don’t have even an inch if dark space ahead of you. Clearly, this flashlight is ideal for people who require clear and crisp lighting while heading out in the dark. The creators want this flashlight to look and feel unique so they decided to give it a completely new design. Compared to other flashlights this one attaches to your trouser/jeans and gives you hands-free comfort.
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Buy this Spray Detergent Silicon Case for iPhone 6s Plus if you want to look foolish!

Spray Detergent Silicon Case for iPhone 6s Plus and 6s

Every now and then we come across outrageous gadgets and accessories that make us laugh. More than often those kind of things from the Far East and we just can’t resist featuring them here. Probably that is the reason why we’ve created a niche for ourselves. This time around it is an iPhone 6s/6s Plus case that will make you laugh and wonder why it was created in the first place. No surprise it comes from Japanese accessories maker. A case you would not dare put on your phone, but still you’d wonder how cool it is.
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Charging cable that works for both Android and Apple devices

LMcable for Android and Apple devices

To be honest these days we are flooded with mobile devices primarily running iOS or Android platforms. These gadgets need to be charged and so you need a different set of charging cables for Android and iOS phones. That is until now. Seeing the utility of a charging cable that would work for both Android and iOS devices, a startup has created world’s first cable that charges all your Android/Apple devices. LMcable is a combination of lighting and microUSB cable, designed very elegantly to solve your woes of carrying multiple charging cables.
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BULLET shaped world’s smallest LED flashlight loads onto your keychain

Slughaus BULLET LED flashlight_1

Who says flashlights have to be heavy, big and battery eaters? Have a look at this small little LED flashlight aptly named as BULLET by Slughaus going great guns on Kickstarter. Slated as the world’s smallest functional flashlight, this accessory is small enough to add to your keychain or carry in your pocket without even knowing it’s there. Inspired by the design of a 9mm round, this flashlight weights just 6 grams in total. So small and lightweight, you won’t even know you are carrying it.
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Waterproof Bluetooth speaker that mounts on to your bike

Black NOIZY Kameleon Series Bluetooth Speaker_3

Looking for a portable speaker that accompanies you wherever you go? Even in the bathroom with no worries about water seeping-in? Then you’ve got to consider buying the Black NOIZY Kameleon Series Bluetooth Speaker. These Bluetooth connected speaker pairs to your Android, iOS or any Bluetooth-enabled device for streaming good quality audio. Whether you want to take it outdoors or enjoy a hot shower with ear-pleasing music, this portable speaker is the one you want.
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Palm-sized projector streams movies from smartphone to any smooth surface

Li'l Laser Smart Projector_1

Having loads of movies and videos on your phone, but don’t know how to enjoy them in a new kind of way? Then a palm-sized projector is one accessory you’d want to keep handy at all times as you never know when boredom might strike you. As a smartphone user you always want an accessory that is portable and easy to carry anywhere. A pocket projector is your best bet and Photojojo’s Li’l Laser Smart Projector is what we are talking about. This laser projector eliminates the need for any wires or cables and connects to your Android or Apple phone via WiFi.
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