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Hands-on review: Elephone EleCam 4K action camera fits right inside your budget

Review Elephone EleCam 4K Action Camera_5

So, it’s time for another hands-on review. This time, it is the Elephone EleCam 4K Action Camera that we get our hands onto, it is great for shooting all your action videos right from surfing, underwater adventures to scaling mountains on the dirt trails. This waterproof action camera has 170-degree FOV (Field Of View) which is enough to capture all your fun filled activities without missing out on things going in the peripheral vision. Much like the human eye, which has a similar FOV at 160-degree. The camera records in 4K which is great since ultra-HD has become standard shooting resolution these days.

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GoPro Hero5 Black and Session with voice control and cloud connectivity

GoPro HERO5_Black

It was a long time coming, and the GoPro Hero5 Black is finally announced. Alongside, GoPro has announced another action camera, this one called the Hero5 Session. Let’s discuss the two separately. First the much anticipated Hero5 Black. The next league in action cameras, this comes with a built-in GPS and takes voice commands; yes you can talk your GoPro to taking pictures and doing a whole lot of other things. Further, it supports a 2-inch touchscreen, and its 12MP camera can film in 4K at 30fps. There is also support for electronic image stabilization, and 1080p shooting at 120 frames per second. Read More…

Nikon’s VR-ready action camera shoots 360-degrees in 4K, arrives next month

Nikon keymission 360

When we talk about action cameras, we do not include Nikon in the same breath as the GoPro or the Ricoh. To bridge this gap, back at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, Nikon had unveiled the KeyMission 360 – a consumer focused 3D action camera with very scanty details. Nikon now has more to divulge. The amazing KeyMission 360, Nikon reveals, can film in 360-degrees in 4K ultra high-definition resolution. The entry level VR camera features NFC, Wi-Fi and has a completely waterproof design. It comes with a pair of 20-megapixel (1/2.3-inch) sensors and touts of features like electronic image stabilization, swappable battery and effective in-camera footage stitching option. Read More…

LG Action CAM streams live to the internet via built-in 4G LTE


Action cameras are available dime a dozen. Choosing one from another comes down to additional features. To complement that active lifestyle of adventurers who want to live stream their action to peeps, LG has introduced Action CAM with a first of its kind feature. Action CAM is world’s first and only action camera with built-in 4G LTE connectivity. The Action CAM allows users to connect it directly to a video streaming site (without a smartphone) and stream live action. Read More…

Frodo strap-on camera lets you shoot, edit and share videos on the fly

NexGear Frodo Cam

Undoubtedly GoPro has action camera market captured like no other cam. But that does not mean another camera alternative cannot give the GoPro a run for its money. To present a claim, India-based NexGear has developed Frodo,  the world’s most intelligent adventure camera which makes capturing, editing and sharing videos real easy and quick. The strap on camera has a super fast boot-to-shoot time of 0.7 seconds, and it can be strapped onto anything from a wrist to bike handle and from forehead to a tree. Frodo cam is ready to capture the unexpected with just a press of a button and can record up to an hour-and-a-half of HD video on a single full charge. Read More…

Sub-$100 Xiaomi Yi action camera is Chinese OEM’s first device to land in US


If you’re in the States and wanted to own one of the inexpensive gadgets from Xiaomi; you’re in luck as Xiaomi brings its first product (not a phone) to US – a low-cost, high performance Xiaomi Yi action camera available through Amazon.  Launched at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Xiaomi Yi action camera may not be as effective as the high-end GoPros, but to give you a sense of its performance – the camera pits well against the rather expensive basic GoPro cams, and costs as little as $99.95. Read More…

Affordable $200 GoPro Hero+ with Wi-Fi shoots full HD videos at 60fps

GoPro Hero+ affordable action camera

Wondered how many more GoPro Heroes would sell if the tiny action cam was slightly affordable? If you did and you were waiting for a cheaper version; GoPro has granted your wish in the GoPro Hero+ – a full HD video action camera with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for a modest $200 price tag. Capturing and sharing immersive images and videos on the go was never so easy and affordable.   Read More…

Robust GoPro Hero4 Session ripped apart to reveal compact hardware

GoPro Hero4 Session teardown

GoPro wanted to go compact with its next version of an action camera and therefore came up with Hero4 Session cam that is capable of 4K recording capabilities. Add to that a waterproof external layer and you have a camera that can capture action in the most watery places too. But that casing itself makes it very hard to rip apart and see the internal hardware. So, who else do we expect to rip the GoPro Session Camera apart, than iFixit.
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Things to know about the GoPro Hero4 Session action camera

GoPro Hero4 Session action camera

Good news for adventure seekers and people who are always amidst the action, as GoPro has released its lightest and smallest action camera yet. This is GoPro Hero4 Session action camera that buries the traditional rectangular design aesthetics of the earlier models and adapts a cube design, much like the Polaroid Cube+ action camera. GoPro has concentrated on keeping the weight down to 2.3 ounces and form factor just 1.4 inches on each side.
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Polaroid Cube+ action camera targeted towards urban adventure seekers

Polaroid Cube + action camera

Polaroid has added another action camera dubbed Polaroid Cube+ to their list of accessories aimed towards lifestyle adventure living. This WiFi-enabled camera is next iteration of the Polaroid Cube action cam that was missing wireless connectivity and Polaroid announced the cube camera at CE Week 2015. This 35mm square-shaped camera works with both Android and iOS devices which is good and necessary feature. The camera goes one-on-one with the GoPro line of action cameras as it can be attached to bike helmet, home appliances and anything else that you can think of.
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