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DeepFlight Dragon is a personal submarine for the filthy rich

DeepFlight Dragon personal submarine

At the ongoing Monaco Yacht Show, DeepFlight have revealed their next generation personal submarine dubbed “Dragon” that can be taken on-board a standard yacht and piloted without much training. This two-seater electric engine-powered submersible can operate at a depth of up to 400 feet and courtesy its fixed positive buoyancy the underwater craft comes safely to the water surface in case of some operational glitch. The $1.5million personal submarine is top of the line luxury submersible that’ll definitely appeal to rich adventurous people.
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World’s lightest submarine is here for underwater adventures

Triton 1650 3 LP submersible submarine

World’s lightest submersible

The world’s lightest and compact submarine is here and Triton proudly brags of that fact. Triton 1650/3 LP submersible is a three man submarine (one driver and two passengers) ideal for underwater adventure in all its glory. This underwater vehicle weighs just 8,580 pounds and 5.9 feet tall, making it a super light-weight submarine which is agile and maneuverable. Read More…

Rescue Me Balloon – SOS signal device that maximizes your chances of survival dramatically

Rescue Me Balloon SOS signal device

An adventure seeker is always prepared for the worse when hiking, trekking or venturing into uncharted waters. Of most things, it is paramount to carry emergency signaling device for desperate situations, when it is the question of life and death. Taking the next step forward in developing emergency signaling equipment, Rescue Me Balloon looks to replace flare gun as the last option to attract attention of rescue team. So what makes Rescue Me Balloon different from other SOS signal equipment available in the market?
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First Ascent drone retracts into the shape of a water bottle

Backcountry Drones  First Ascent drone

Backcountry Drones First Ascent drone folds into itself

Drones have been ruling the roost when it comes to surveillance and taking never before seen footage. The design however has been the priority for drone manufactures as a lightweight frame always has an advantage. Backcountry Drones have developed a drone tailor-made for adventure seekers who like to keep the weight of their backpack down and want to have a flying machine that can take-off from their palm and land on ground without the need of a landing gear. Although the Backcountry Drones First Ascent drone may not be as compact as the Nixie drone but it surely is good enough to make it through the production lines.
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Edible business card that gives you added boost for high altitude trekking

Kokopelli Backpackers hostel anti altitude business card

As a trekker you will be pretty well acquainted with the effect of high altitude on our body. Things like dizziness, nausea, headaches and general fatigue can take a toll on our focus and make us hallucinate. To counter this problem Kokopelli Backpackers hostel, founded in Cuzco, Lima-Peru has found the age old, effective solution to the problems associated with high altitude sickness. Coca leaves that have been used by Incas and other civilizations to counter this physical struggle when you trek to the heights of 11,152 feet above sea level to the Cuzco mountain. Kokopelli Backpackers wanted their visitors to see the effectiveness of the coca leaves so they made anti-altitude sickness business cards.
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AluBOOYAH ski mountaineering bike with retractable skis

AluBOOYAH ski mountaineering bike

Boo Bicycles has come up with a mountaineering bike designed by Jacob Lapenna which took 6 months in the making. The AluBOOYAH ski mountaineering bike was a result of Jacob’s winter trip to 14,275 foot Torrey Peak in Clear Creek Colorado where he wanted to climb a 75 degree sloped ice track. So he decided to make a bicycle that would be fit for adventure trips that require you to carry significant amount of cargo. Moreover it would be an advantage if you have a bike that can carry all your hiking or trekking gear supplies for long grueling trips. To realize this dream Boo Bicycles joined hands with big comapines like Petzl, Darwin crampons, Quark Tools etc. to commission together a bike that is all ready to take on any kind of landscape.

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Easybreath snorkeling mask allows natural breathing underwater

Tribord Easybreath snorkeling mask

One basic problem with snorkel masks for underwater adventures is the comfort level while wearing it and the awkward breathing method through your mouth. It just doesn’t feel natural with your nose closed and taking air through your mouth. Also there are many other problems with snorkel masks like water entering into the mask itself and creating a panic for a novice diver or the natural instinct of breathing through the nose creating fog in the mask rendering visibility to zero. This was a challenge for designers at Tribord to come up with a unique design that would not require the diver to breathe through the mouth and also eliminated any chance of fog being created. And hence came to life the an award winning (2014 Oxylane Innovation Awards)Easybreath snorkeling mask that is a full-face snorkeling mask which allows you to breathe naturally underwater, just as you would do when out of water. Easybreath snorkeling mask makes it possible with double air-flow system that keeps out all the condensation that can be produced on the mask itself.
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Christmas gift ideas: Outdoor accessories for adventure junkies

Christmas gift ideasOutdoor-accessories for adventure seekers

We all seek adventure in our life, be it stimulated by some tangible items or on the more spiritual side through natures glory. For the ones who like to explore planet Earth and get the adrenaline rush, there is nothing better than getting hold of your adventure gear and heading towards the wilderness, away from all the hassle of urban life. But sometimes it gets very difficult to choose the adventure gear that is most required in your backpack in case of emergencies or survival. For this you need to get hold of the latest tech savvy adventure gear accessories that are easy to carry and fit in your backpack without taking much space. So take a jump to read on for the most popular adventure gear accessories that will help you out in chalk and cheese situations during your adventure, trekking and hiking trips.
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Survival Wrist band that’ll save your life in case things get absurd during adventure trips

As an adventure and hiking junkie you very well know that the least possible gear you have to carry around during any grueling trip, the better it is. But the trade-off is that you have to give up on things that might be important. For such times a wrist band that doubles as a survival accessory comes very handy as it solves dual purpose. The Survival Bands by Re Factor Tactical are special operations gear for adventure seekers who like to carry minimal weight with them. Featuring a can opener, fishing line, fishing hook, flint starter rod, 12 inch of 550 Paracord, handcuff key and a buckle with built-in whistle; this Survival Band is a must have for hikers and people who like to explore deep woods for days or even weeks.
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SportSub Solo submarine takes you on an underwater adventure worth experiencing

As cool as it sounds the concept of a one man submarine is something that will surely let everyone’s imagination loose on the possibilities of underwater adventure. Designed by International VentureCraft Corp. the One-Person SportSub Solo is also deemed as a “Yacht Toy” by them because it takes you on the ride of your life. The design of the submarine is sophisticated and simple at the same instant as it gives you an exhilarating submersible experience in a shell like hull and the internal pressure and external pressure are always equal because the bottom is open to water. In order to keep the SportsSub in a stable position at all times complying with the center of buoyancy and center of gravity principle.
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