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World’s lightest submarine is here for underwater adventures

Triton 1650 3 LP submersible submarine

World’s lightest submersible

The world’s lightest and compact submarine is here and Triton proudly brags of that fact. Triton 1650/3 LP submersible is a three man submarine (one driver and two passengers) ideal for underwater adventure in all its glory. This underwater vehicle weighs just 8,580 pounds and 5.9 feet tall, making it a super light-weight submarine which is agile and maneuverable. Read More…

$35 Pocket-sized Raspberry Pi powered Lego BMO computer

Lego BMO Rasberry Pi computer

This cute little BMO (Beemo) from Adventure Time gaming console flavored Lego computer made by Michael Thomas is powered by Raspberry pi Linux computer and can do everything like playing video games, videos, internet surfing and much more. Having a 700 Mhz Raspberry Pi processor, 512 MB RAM, 4GB SD card, 2.5 inch TFT display, mediasonic USB battery pack and USB connector this small little computer is powered by Raspbian Linux operating system. And most of all it cost only $35 to make this pocket-sized Linux computer that can display images and videos at 1080 resolution. So have a look at this amazing amalgamation of Lego and Raspberry Pi in some pictures and a video below.
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