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Google Pixel and Pixel XL, innovative Android phones with AI assist

Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones-2

The long awaited Google Pixel phones are here, and they are billed flat against the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus phones from Apple. Unveiled at the Google Pixel event the two – Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are tailor-made to reflect the future of AI integrated hardware and software that Google visions. The Pixel phones are made inside out by Google using a few parts sourced from HTC. Both Pixel phones – the Pixel and Pixel XL contain almost the same specs, except that the Pixel has a 5-inch Full-HD AMOLED display while the Pixel XL features Quad HD AMOLED 5.5-inch screen. Read More…

AI-enabled Kawasaki motorcycles will talk to you to ride better

Kawasaki AI bike talks to rider

We all talk to our bikes; now imagine if the bike replies back? This is exactly the future Kawasaki visions for the bikes of the future. Kawasaki has announced that it will include an Artificial Intelligence program in its forthcoming motorcycles, which will allow riders to talk with their motorcycles. The still-in-development program is called Kanjo Engine (translates to Emotion Engine), and it is being developed to understand and react to riders in normal human speech. Read More…

UK brewery IntelligentX is using AI to brew beer

AI brewed smart beer

Using Artificial Intelligence a UK-based brewery is trying to bring beer drinkers in the same room as brewers. The virtually meeting is made possible using a Facebook Messenger bot that is asking drinkers question to help evolve their beer. IntelligentX, the first brewing company to employ AI for improving its beer is a collaborative effort of two companies – machine learning company Intelligent Layer and creative agency 10x – that have developed an algorithm which processes consumer feedback received via AI bot to improve their beer. Read More…

LifeBEAM Vi headphones can coach you to fitness with AI

LifeBeam Vi earbuds

World of fitness trackers is still in its infancy. While there are endless fitness tracking devices out there, a smart coach that can entice you to push that extra bit for fitness is still not where it should be. You know we all need to be pushed for fitness, else we are too lazy. This is where wireless Vi headphones comes in. Developed by LifeBEAM, that considers picking data from the ear more accurate than from the wrist, Vi is a pair of biosensing earbuds bundled with logic artificial intelligence app, fitness tracking and coaching ability.   Read More…

NHTSA rules Google’s self-driving system as a legal driver

Google self driving car

Google self-driving car project is one of the most daring ones in current era with Google looking to strike gold with a fully autonomous safe car hitting the roads by 2020. One major achievement in that quest is the acceptance by U.S. vehicle regulators of the artificial intelligence system as a driver under federal law. This is one big accomplishment for Google who have invested a lot of money and time in self-driving car project. In a letter to the company, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration accepted the proposal filed on November 12 on design for a self-driving car which needs no driver.
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Drones will soon be the guardian angels for lost hikers

Drone with AI for search and rescue missions_1

Drones are becoming a major tool in search & rescue operations with quite a lot of them already being tested for the same. The next step in making drones do all the decision-making and fly autonomously in search of human trails in the forest is by providing AI to the flying machines. For this a team from the University of Zurich, Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and NCCR Robotics have developed a machine-learning software which allows drones to identify and follow man-made trails in a confusing forest. That would be able help for search & rescue teams on the lookout for missing hikers.
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Personal Mobility Vehicle + Intelligent Robot = Segway Advanced Personal Robot

Segway Advanced Personal Robot_1

This looks like a standard Segway, but in-fact it is much more than that. At the ongoing CES 2016 Intel revealed Segway Advanced Personal Robot which is a rideable PMV and at the same time your companion robot. The cute mini robot butler based on Ninebot mini robot developed in collaboration with Xiaomi-backed robotic startup is rideable like your standard Segway at speed of 18kph to distance of 30km before requiring a recharge. When you are riding it, the robotic mode shuts-off. In the robotic mode this robot can follow you or carry stuff around in the supermarket, all this while it sees the world from its enchanting eyes.
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Nadine is a human-like intelligent robot developed by NTU

Nadine humanoid robot by NTU

The gap between robotic humanoids and real humans is closing down fast when we speak of intelligence and emotional quotient. Robots like Toshiba Android, beautiful looking Erica or the highly detailed Leonardo Da Vinci Android. Following suite, researchers at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have developed a humanoid receptionist robot which looks strikingly human-like. Named as Nadine, the Android is doppelganger of Nadia Thalmann, a robotic professor at NTU’s School of Computer Engineering and creator of this robot.
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First ever AI designed car will be the epitome of automotive technology

Hack Rod AI designed car

We could be on the verge of witnessing the first ever car build by artificial intelligence. This future forward venture by design software giant Autodesk and wall media company Bandito Brothers could be the next frontier in automotive design and only time will tell if it has got the legs to go forward. The brainchild of this project are actually two individuals; Autodesk research fellow Mickey McManus and Bandito Brothers CEO & Creative Director Mouse McCoy.
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