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Two-seater Flyvolt G 208 electric powered aircraft has a carbon fiber body

Aviation industry isn’t new to the concept of electric aircrafts; we’ve seen aircrafts achieve heartening results using electric motors that draw power from solar panels, fuel cells or most importantly rechargeable batteries. Yet, the Flyvolt 208 – an electrically powered aircraft concept by Bruno Giardino is ideally suited to find place for itself in flying schools and Aeroclubs around the world. The environmentally conscious and lightweight Flyvolt 208 is made in carbon fiber. The electric aircraft has a wingspan of 18.60 m and room for 2 pilots in the cockpit. Read More…

James Bond flown BD-5 plane transformed into world’s smallest jet

There is no one in Oklahoma City who isn’t familiar with Justin Lewis; the ace pilot after years of experience is now in collaboration with BD Micro Technologies working on revamping the BD-5 plane that been heart of many air shows or you’d better remember from James Bond’s Octopussy. The original BD-5 by Jim Bede of Bede Aircraft has now been upgraded and transformed into FLS Microjet, which is billed as the “World’s Smallest Jet”. The FLS Microjet comes with both structural and system improvement and a glass cockpit decked up in modern style with intelligent engine within. Read More…

DARPA visions hypersonic aircraft that’ll travel anywhere on Earth in under 60 minutes

Pentagon’s mad science agency has actually freaked out on the concept of hypersonic aircrafts that could make travel possible at the blink of an eye. DARPA is planning to develop a hypersonic aircraft that would ‘enable DoD to get anywhere in the world in under an hour’. Now, if that doesn’t freak you, then just imagine you’ll only take 60 minutes to reach from point A to B in the world. If the project that DARPA plans to spend $70 million on attains the extreme hypersonic flight something that’s Mach 20 (20 times the speed of sound) then we are in for major twist in Stealth technology. Read More…

Brothers build a homemade rotorcraft in China but it fails to fly

There were the Wright Brothers and there are the Zhao Brothers. The latter, Zhao Yezhu (34) and Zhao Yeding (32) have perfected and built at home a rotary wing aircraft, and few days back they brought it out on the road to test. The siblings from Pukou District in the city of Nanjing, China, failed to fly their rotocraft dubbed “Brother No.1” in its first test flight, but they are confident that they will come back and fly the aircraft the next time.

The Zhao brothers began working on their project of building the self-rotorcraft in November last year. The duo collected all they needed to build their flying dream over time, though we are not sure what all has gone into the built, but we learn the rotorcraft is crafted with components including carbon fiber propellers and wooden propellers in the rear.

Zhao brothers weren’t adequately prepared to fly the aircraft and Zhao Yeding was a little hesitant flying it. Besides lack of experience the site’s condition (where they were flying) and its limitations were the main causes for the flight to not succeed. Also while on road the rotorcraft lost balance and broke the rear wooden propeller and had oil leakage. But this failure will not be a deterrent for the Zhao brothers, they believe they will continue exploring ways to flying their rotorcraft and will eventually make it to the skies in the Brother No.1.

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