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WingBoard could let you fly amid clouds while being pulled by a plane

wingboard by Aaron Wypyszynski of Wyp Aviation

You can go wakeboarding or snowboarding anytime you want, but sadly there is no way to truly fly amid the clouds behind an aircraft. Drawing inspiration from a Wingboard showed in Talespin cartoon where an animated bear naked Kit Cloudkicker jumped onboard a wingboard to ride through the clouds behind an airborne plane; flight test engineer Aaron Wypyszynski, has designed a real-life WingBoard that would one day allow you and me to surf across the sky, while being pulled along by a plane.   Read More…

Assemble and fly solar-powered Volta Flyer toy plane in a jiffy

Volta Flyer Solar-powered airplane

Making your kids learn the benefits of natural sources of energy is a key step towards making them smarter. Using solar energy is one of them and there is an endless list on how one can use sun’s energy to power-up objects. This solar-powered airplane is one good example of teaching your kids how to make one and then fly it using limitless solar power. Toylabs Volta Flyer is a solar-powered airplane which is the best thing your kid can have this holiday season for non-stop fun.
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Deaf and dumb Indian man builds his own two-seater aircraft from junk

Saji X Air-S homemade aircraft_1

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This idioms fits perfectly for 45-year old Saji Thomas who has made a fully-functional airplane from trash and recycled material. And mind you he is completely deaf and dumb from birth! That didn’t stop him from exploring his passion for creating model vehicles in his childhood, although the locals used to call him an idiot. The deep rooted passion carried on over the years and now he has come-up with his most complex creation thus far.
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A380 successor on its way, Airbus files patent for a new double-decker airplane

Airbus new patent for double decker plane

Airbus has filed patent for a new double-decker plane, but through the released pictures, the patented aircraft looks somewhat like a toy plane out of a child’s story book. The patent has no real description about the aircraft. It describes a large double-deck plane with variety of possible configurations. For now, before Airbus can finalize where they will have the wings and the engines, the aircraft seems like three planes in one. Read More…

Icon A5 amphibious aircraft will make its first flight soon

Icon A5 amphibious aircraft

Back in 2013, when the Icon Aircraft displayed A5 Systems Layout Model at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin; Icon claimed the aircraft will be available soon. On June 11, 2015, after the company received a go ahead for full production post FAA audit, the much awaited Icon A5 amphibious airplane comes closer than ever to reality. It all started with EAA AirVenture, and this is exactly where Icon Aircraft has chosen to deliver its first customer airplane next month. Read More…

World’s first remotely controlled airport goes into testing phase

Remote Tower Center Örnsköldsvik airport

Remote Tower Center Örnsköldsvik airport

If we have to go by what Örnsköldsvik airport in the north-east of Sweden has got itself, it is a possibility that all airports in the next decade will be remotely controlled. Swedish aerospace, defense and security company Saab has developed The Remote Tower System which controls air traffic at the airport from central Sundvall which is 100km away. Saab has done this in collaboration with Sweden’s air navigation service provider LFV.
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Warplane like homemade car built by veteran military adjutant

Warplane like car by Ali Faikh

Ali Faikh from the southern Lebanese village of Kfar Tebnit, near the city of Nabatiyeh has made a road-legal three wheeled car which looks like French Mirage warplane. Faikh is a retired first adjutant with the military and has made this unique looking car in his home, working for 4 hours every day over a period of 4 months. The plane like car is made from a 250cc motorbike engine that sits on a metal structure that is made complete with wings that are joined to the main body using a technique used to assemble outer structure of commercial and warplanes.
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Build your diesel powered airplane in just two weeks

Glasair self assembled airplane

You could make a four-seater aircraft on your own and that too just in two weeks’ time flat. Arlington-based Glasair, a Washington based company owned by Jilin Hanxing Group Co. Ltd. Will soon be giving you that option as they have plans to collaborate with a Chinese company Continental Motors of Mobile, to make it possible. This highly customizable aircraft uses jet fuel that can burn in any DIY plane and is much easier to find.
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FireFLY6: World’s first VTOL multi-rotor RC aircraft that flies autonomously

Hybrid multi-rotor RC aircraft

We’ve seen a handful of multi-rotor RC aircrafts in various sizes and functionality. Now, to add a different aspect to these aircrafts, a New Hampshire-based start-up BirdsEyeView Aerobotics has developed the FireFLY6 hybrid multi-rotor RC aircraft that takes off vertically, flies like an airplane, converts back into multi-rotor mode for small space exploration and then flies away in plane mode. FireFLY6 is technically an Y6 configuration tri-rotor aircraft, which is crafted in an assembled airframe made of EPO foam body and wood-composite internal structure. The aircraft kit comes with detachable tail, hatches and magnetic wings.

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CES 2014: PowerUp 3.0 paper plane can be flown via smartphone

PowerUp 3.0

Controlling your paper planes from your smartphone? The lighthearted side of technology cannot get more gleeful than this. Tailor Toys LLC will introduce their so-named PowerUp 3.0, a smartphone-controlled flying contrivance in this year’s CES. The scope entails a special kit for paper-airplane conversion that allows you to make your own paper plane. You can then attach a smart module to the airplane, along with PowerUp’s patented clips. A dedicated smartphone app for Android and iOS connects to this module via Bluetooth, and lets you maneuver your paper construction on a remote basis.

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