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San Jose Airport recruits 3 robotic assistants in customer service team

Robotic Airport Customer Service

Robots, slowly but consistently are taking-over the place of humans as attendants or helpers like in airport and restaurants. On the same lines Mineta San Jose International Airport has also recruited some robotic employees. Now, along with other staff members in customer service, three automated assistants will coax passengers at the Airport. Norma, Amelia and Piper can communicate in six languages and assist passengers looking for directions, shops, restaurants etc. Read More…

World’s first remotely controlled airport goes into testing phase

Remote Tower Center Örnsköldsvik airport

Remote Tower Center Örnsköldsvik airport

If we have to go by what Örnsköldsvik airport in the north-east of Sweden has got itself, it is a possibility that all airports in the next decade will be remotely controlled. Swedish aerospace, defense and security company Saab has developed The Remote Tower System which controls air traffic at the airport from central Sundvall which is 100km away. Saab has done this in collaboration with Sweden’s air navigation service provider LFV.
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Mumbai airport’s $890 million Terminal 2 soars high with splendor

Mumbai airport's Terminal 2

India has always been a country of contrasting means – where super rich reside beside the uber poor; where high-end technologies go hand in hand with ridiculously primitive mechanisms. And, now we are once again witness to the antithesis of gargantuan proportions, with the state-of-the-art renovation of Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, which by the way is surrounded by a sea of slums. The $890 million project undertaken by New York City-based Skidmore, Owings and Merrill architects (SOM) entails a whole new terminal with swanky features. These include – an expansive single roof that soars to a dizzying height of 40 m (around 130 ft), supported by the world’s longest cable stayed glass wall. And yes; Mumbai somehow always finds a way to pay homage to its thriving film industry – this time with the world’s largest public art program with an array of movie star murals.

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label 3D Art Gallery inspires creativity


Next time you go to an airport near you, you will see larger than life Johnnie Walker Blue Label welcoming you with overwhelming 3D art in it. The world’s largest selling ultra-premium Scotch Whisky in collaboration with a host of international contemporary artists and fashion designers has created this amazing 3D art exhibit. Breathtaking 3D art has been built-in Johnnie Walker Blue bottles that stand almost three meters tall. Read More…