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SafariSeat – world’s first low cost, all-terrain wheelchair

SafariSeat all terrain wheelchair

Janna Deeble, a 23-year old British inventor, brought up in Kenya, was wheelchair bound for months after a fretful skateboarding accident that left him with a broken leg. Janna didn’t take the handicap as turndown, instead the youngster dedicated time to build the SafariSeat – world’s first low cost all-terrain wheelchair that can run with equal prowess in the desert and jungle. The all-terrain wheelchair is designed primarily as a way to easy commuting issues faced by wheelchair-bound individuals in rural Africa. Read More…

Ripchair off-road wheelchair packs a four-stroke engine

Ripchair off-road wheelchair

Wheelchairs with tank treads or track chairs are a common site, but here is the Ripchair – the Land Rover of the track chair industry. Built originally for the Discovery Channel show, Howe and Howe Technologies, the Ripchair has been redesigned by brother’s Michael and Geoffrey after popular demand to help mobility-challenged people to access terrains that are otherwise inaccessible. Combining power, durability and freedom of mobility in one, the extreme off-road wheelchair is easy to control and ride. Read More…

iBot 2.0: Stair-climbing, all-terrain wheelchair is just what the doctor ordered

iBot 2.0 wheelchair

When sales of the iBot 4000, a stair-climbing wheelchair were discontinued in 2009, Segway and iBot inventor Dean Kamen wouldn’t have expected the wheelchair to be revived. Toyota thought otherwise; therefore in collaboration with Kamen’s Deka Research and Development the former has produced an improved new version of the iBot. The basics of the four-wheel-drive remain intact. The motorized wheelchair has been made more robust and gets a range of new electronics, sensors and some software integration to function more seamlessly. Read More…