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LG announces Amazon Alexa integration for its SmartThinQ Hub

LG SmartThinQ Amazon Alexa Integration

Recently at IFA 2016 in Berlin, LG has announced that its SmartThinQ Hub will be expanding its capabilities with Amazon Alexa integration. Well, it makes sense as LG’s IoT ecosystem looks and functions similar to Amazon Echo. When LG launched this smart hub earlier this year, it was considered to stand against Amazon. But instead of completing, LG wisely decided to add support for Echo’s Alexa voice assistant. Read More…

Sub-$100 Xiaomi Yi action camera is Chinese OEM’s first device to land in US


If you’re in the States and wanted to own one of the inexpensive gadgets from Xiaomi; you’re in luck as Xiaomi brings its first product (not a phone) to US – a low-cost, high performance Xiaomi Yi action camera available through Amazon.  Launched at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Xiaomi Yi action camera may not be as effective as the high-end GoPros, but to give you a sense of its performance – the camera pits well against the rather expensive basic GoPro cams, and costs as little as $99.95. Read More…

Jeremy Clarkson explains how Amazon Prime Air drone delivery service works

Amazon Prime Air drone delivery service

Amazon’s ambitious drone delivery Prime Air drone delivery service got a refreshing new boost with a new teaser video which got released yesterday. The video features Jeremy Clarkson who gives an insight into the company’s drone delivery system which is honed by a drone weighing 55 pounds capable of carrying 5 pounds of payload. This drone is equipped with sensors and collision avoidance system which detect any potential obstacles or other flying objects in its vicinity. The aim is to make this drone delivery mechanism full-proof and promise delivery in as less as 30 minutes in certain locations.
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How long can Apple dominate the stock market?

iPhone, the best-selling phone of all time, made Apple the world’s most valuable company. But with the flagship phone now in its seventh generation and not having launched a new line since their iPad in 2011, could the California tech star be losing its shine?

Certainly compared to Google and Facebook, Apple’s ongoing investment in research and development is staggeringly low. But while Apple could be seen to be underspending on their product line-up, they ploughed over $45 billion into buying back shares in 2014. Investor Carl Icahn, who holds a 1% stake in the company, wrote an open letter to Tim Cook entitled Sale: Apple Shares at Half Price encouraging an even more aggressive buyback programme.

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Amazon Surprise! mobile app lets you send e-cards with Gift Cards

Amazon e-card

It is that time of the year, when you would be looking forward to send greeting cards to your near and dear ones. While, most of us have forgotten the significance of the personal touch that cards deliver, Amazon wishes to revive the trend with touch of technology. The e-commerce giant has rolled out a new mobile app dubbed Surprise! which allows users to send e-card to celebrate various occasions including Christmas, New Year and Birthdays to name a few. Read More…

Amazon upgrades App for Android Wear platform

Amazon App for Android Wear

In this tech generation, you can shop from anywhere with a single click on your smartphone with the various shopping apps. One such example is the Amazon app which allows you to shop from anywhere through your smartphone. Now to attract more online customers, Amazon app for the Google’s Android Wear platform has been unveiled by Amazon. It will allow you to shop millions of digital and physical products from anywhere available in Amazon’s catalog.
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Amazon Echo: Voice controlled speaker with brains that’ll put Siri to shame!

Amazon Echo bluetooth speaker

For years Amazon has been innovating in the product and services market not only by giving a platform for ecommerce but also by developing intuitive products of their own. This time around Amazon has created a product that I have to say has impressed me beyond imagination, simply because of its functionality and the way in which it could make our lives interesting. Amazon Echo is a Siri, Google Now or Cortana like personal assistant shoved inside a speaker of cylindrical form factor to solve any quires that you shoot its way.
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While Lenovo strikes Motorola deal, Moto 360 gold edition accidently pops-up on Amazon

Lenovo Motorola Moto 360 gold edition

Lenovo acquires Motorola

Lenovo, the largest PC maker company in the world has acquired Motorola for $2.91bn which is almost $10bn less than what Google paid for it. The deal that was announced almost a year ago is finally complete and Lenovo will pay $660m in cash and $750m in newly issued stock while the rest of the $1.5bn will be paid off in the next three years. Google will keep majority of the patents that Motorola have acquired and around 2000 patents will go to Lenovo, the reason why Google sold it for such a nominal amount.
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MIT researchers develop algorithms to improve delivery drones

delivery drone

In the near future, you won’t have to wait days for your online product to get delivered. Online retailer Amazon announced plans to deliver its products by drones back in December. Named the Octocopter, the flying robots will drop purchase packages to customers within 30 minutes of an order. However, there are many factors such as high winds, fuel, mechanical issues and sensor measurement errors that the drones would need to deal in order to make safe, timely and accurate delivery of the products possible. Stepping up for the technical challenge, MIT researchers have come up with a two-pronged method that considerably reduces the computation associated with lengthy delivery missions.
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Amazon Fire Phone with unique 3D user interface

Amazon Fire Phone smartphone

Amazon has finally launched its much anticipated Fire Phone smartphone that has a unique 3D user interface called as Dynamic Perspective. This new feature for a smartphone tracks the user’s eyes with the help of four ultra-low power cameras, and shows visual content in relation to user’s position. The Dynamic Perspective combines well with the tilt gestures to initiate actions just by moving the phone in a certain way.
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