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Amphibious Lamborghini Countach up for grabs at a steep price of $57,000

Amphibious Lamborghini Countach

We all just love amphibious being and things, don’t we? That’s the reason why this amphibious Lamborghini Countach caught our eye. Of course it is not a real Lambo but it looks like one and it is as good on land as on water. This street racer dubbed ZIA originally built by Mike Ryan, a specialist engineer at SeaRoader based in UK, famous for converting regular cars into amphibious ones. In fact they have built quite a few ones for Hollywood movies and hit shows like Top Gear. Not to forget that it made appearance in popular European shows and shows like BBC TV, TopGear and Autovisie.
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WaterCar Panther, the world’s fastest Amphibious Vehicle

WaterCar Panthe Amphibious Vehicle-3

Like flying cars, another challenge humanity faces in the auto industry is building a fast and effective amphibious car that can blow our wits away. To make a difference in the category, WaterCar has introduced the Panther Amphibious Vehicle. WaterCar Panther claims to be the fastest amphibious car that can transform from car to boat in under 15 seconds and can easily do 44 mph (38 knots) over water, and more than 80 mph on the road.

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