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Hacker 3D prints a case to run Android on an iPhone 6S [Video]

Android on the iPhone

Seasoned developer cum hacker Nick Lee is back at tinkering with Apple iPhone to run Android operating systems. After successfully hacking the Apple Watch to run Mac OS and running Windows 95 on the Apple Watch, Lee has gone ahead and found a way to run a full-fledged version of Android Marshmallow on the iPhone. The developer has cloned  Android Open Source Project (AOSP) to design a customized Android Marshmallow that can be run on the iPhone. Read More…

MWC 2016: Haier Watch is stylish and well within budget smartwatch

Haier Watch smartwatch

Haier has launched their Android 6.0 Marshmallow powered smartwatch at Mobile World Congress 2016 and it does look good. The Haier Watch gives the impression on the outside to be inspired from Huawei Watch and the Moto 360 smartwatch. That said it is a pre-production concept for now and you could see more refined changes in the production version. The smartwatch is encapsulated inside a 42mm frame made from 316L stainless steel material and with a black leather strap or meshed metal.
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Rugged CAT S60 smartphone boasts thermal camera and underwater filming

CAT S60 smartphone with thermal camera_4

CAT known for its rugged gear already impressed me with its CAT B15 rugged smartphone and now they’ve come-up with something even better. They have announced the launch of flagship CAT S60 smartphone build in collaboration with Bullitt Group. The phone boasts of a thermal camera from FLIR and waterproof feature which lets you film underwater activity to a depth of five meters for one hour non-stop. That means you can do a multitude of activities like detecting heat signatures, missing insulation, over-heating electrical appliances or seeing in complete darkness.
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Nexus 6P, Chromecast 2.0 and Pixel C tablet announced at the Google Event

Google Nexus Event in San Francisco

Google today made some important announcements at their Nexus Event in San Francisco which included smartphone specs, Android OS release date and other hardware upgrades. The most important ones of them included the announcement of two new Nexus phones, new Chromecast and a tablet. Let’s have a sneak-peak at each one of them.
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Android 6.0 will officially be called “Marshmallow” Google confirms

Android 6.0 OS is going be called Marshmallow

Android 6.0 OS is going be called Marshmallow

Information on Google’s next operating system for mobile devices was building up in the last few months, and finally Android M has an official name. Google has announced that the next Android 6.0 operating system is going to be called as Android Marshmallow, laying all speculations about Android Milkshake to rest. The final version of this OS is nearing completion and as a result 6.0 SDK final Developer Preview update is now available to developers (SDK Manager in Android Studio) for coming up with API level 23 apps.
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