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DIY 3D printed Iron Throne Dock for iPhone 5 and Android smartphones challenges them all

Game of Thrones Fantasy TV series has gripped a major chunk of audience with its two thumping seasons and third one to be concluded in March 31st 2013. But who would have thought that Game of Thrones would have something to do with the iPhone’s and the Android smartphones. One keen fan of the Game of Thrones [mstyle] was so much inspired by the Iron Throne that he decided to make smartphone dock based on the one priced possession which prompted all the drama within all of the Westeros. Taking his own detour on crowning the iPhone 5 and Android smartphones as the rightful heir to the King’s landing [mstyle] made a 3D printed docking station after tinkering with ways to manufacture the dock that would be the ultimate sign of power and geekiness.

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