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Playing Half-Life on smartwatch is impossible, but it’s cool anyways!

Half Life running on smartwatch hack

Running applications and games on cross-platform devices has become one of the coolest white hat hacks these days. Especially operating systems that software tinkering experts just love to run on cross-platform devices. Examples from the past include an iPhone 6 Plus running Windows 98 and Apple Watch hacked to run Mac OS. For a change, this time we show you a hack that allows you to play Valve’s Half-Life on Android Wear smartwatch, in particular LG G Watch.
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Aria clip-on module ensures your smartwatch is gesture controlled

Aria gesture control for smartwatches

Back in 2010, Microsoft first introduced gesture controls in mainstream with the Kinect, followed by Leap Motion doing the same for personal computers a few years later. Now, a startup called Deus Ex Technology visions to bring gesture controls to the smartest new device – the smartwatches through a novel device called Aria. Aria is a module that can fit any smartwatch band and act as a gesture controller for the smart timepiece. Allowing you to control smartwatch with finger gestures means, you can control the watch even when your other hand is busy – you flick through applications on the watch with the same hand you have the watch on.   Read More…

Tag Heuer smartwatch being developed in collaboration with Intel and Google Android

Tag Heuer Smartwatch

Apple Watch is going to get some stiff competition from Tag Heuer as they are all set to release their smartwatch this year. With the backing of Intel’s technology and Google Android Wear operating system, this Swiss smartwatch is going to be a perfect combo of Swiss watchmaking and Silicon Valley’s technology. Tag Heuer made the official announcement during a press conference held at Baselworld 2015. The leader in Swiss watch-making has a vision to fuse technology and stunning looks into a smartwatch that compliments its functionality.
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MWC 2015: Huawei Watch is an impressive Android Wear smartwatch

Huawei Watch Mobile World Congress 2015

Huawei has released their first ever smartwatch at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, and it is damn impressive. Matching Moto 360 smartwatch in the looks, the Huawei Watch is a stunner, and dare I say it is even better than other smartwatches in the market. With a classic analog watch design, this smartwatch also doubles as a fitness tracker by analyzing your heart rate and other activities. The 1.2GHz Qualcomm APQ8026 smartwatch is going to be well assisted by the 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM along with all the sensors including barometer, PPG and vibration motor.

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The plush LG Watch Urbane slated for release at MWC 2015

LG Watch Urbane smartwatch Mobile World Congress 2015

Smartwatch for the urban users

LG has been making strong inroads into the wearable market with its LG G Watch in many variants that appeal the urban user. Now taking things further, company is all set to reveal the LG Watch Urbane at Mobile Congress (MWC) 2015. Specifically targeted at the high end spectrum of consumer market, this smartwatch is stylist and loaded with features to attract sophisticated and cosmopolitan wearers. The watch has a slim profile and narrow bezel infused inside a classic design giving it a very upbeat look.
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Scania Black Griffin Watch – Productivity enhancing smartwatch for truckers

Scania Black Griffin smartwatch

Scania Black Griffin smartwatch

A smartwatch coming from a truck manufacturer. Now that is something pointing straight into the direction of a successful future for wearable technology and in particular smartwatches. Limited Edition Scania Black Griffin Watch developed in conjunction with Sony Mobile is based on the Sony Smartwatch 3. And it is quite obvious that since it comes from a truck manufacturer, it is going to have something that’ll bring a smile to the faces of truck drivers and freight trucking company owners.
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Amazon upgrades App for Android Wear platform

Amazon App for Android Wear

In this tech generation, you can shop from anywhere with a single click on your smartphone with the various shopping apps. One such example is the Amazon app which allows you to shop from anywhere through your smartphone. Now to attract more online customers, Amazon app for the Google’s Android Wear platform has been unveiled by Amazon. It will allow you to shop millions of digital and physical products from anywhere available in Amazon’s catalog.
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Elegant looking Asus ZenWatch up for grabs at $199 only

Asus ZenWatch smartwatch

Asus ZenWatch smartwatch based on custom Android Wear UI

The feature rich Asus ZenWatch (WI500Q) revealed at the IFA 2014 has finally gone on sale in the US for a price tag of $199. It is worth mentioning that this smartwatch is one of most good-looking smartwatch, if not the best in the market, alongside the Moto 360 smartwatch. Android Wear powered Asus Zenwatch produced in partnership with Google has a very elegantly designed rectangular display that is contoured quite well at the edges. The smartwatch sporting premium rose gold color layering and stitched-leather watchband gives the user option to choose from over 100 watch faces depending on mood.
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Metal band Moto 360 – Best looking smartwatch in town just got sexier

Moto 360 metal strap options

Moto 360 in light and dark stainless steel option

Moto 360 launched back in September for a price tag of $250 in limited edition gray leather with suede finish. And now for those who like to flaunt their stylish gadgets, the smartwatch comes in attractive stainless steel designed bands made from aircraft grade material. The Moto 360 in light or dark metal bands are available for $299 and they surely make this pretty smartwatch worth sporting. Along with these attractive metal band options for you Moto 360 smartwatch, the Moto 360 Gold Edition is going to be available in the coming months.
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Low priced Asus smartwatch all set to be revealed at IFA 2014

Asus smartwatch

Come September 3rd at the IFA in Berlin and you could be seeing the cheapest Android Wear smartwatch by Asus make a strong presence. In a tweet by Asus it is stated “Something #Incredible is going to happen at #IFA2014, see you there!” Along with a teaser picture that clearly shows the silhouette shot of a square shaped smartwatch. According to TechCrunch who have sources close to the people at Asus, this smartwatch will have an AMOLED display and will make its debut at IFA in Berlin.
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