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Leaked images show subtle improvements in Android N operating system

Android N operating system

After Android Marshmallow the next OS version of the most popular smartphone OS is going to be Android N. It I not known what that ‘N’ will exactly mean, but there are some leaked mockups of the real OS version that have been published by Android Police. They have the actual screenshots of Android’s next operating system, but for some reason they cannot release them. But mock-up are also good nobody’s complaining. They also claim that the new features in Android N may be changed or cancelled altogether as it is still in testing stage which is quite obvious.
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Nadine is a human-like intelligent robot developed by NTU

Nadine humanoid robot by NTU

The gap between robotic humanoids and real humans is closing down fast when we speak of intelligence and emotional quotient. Robots like Toshiba Android, beautiful looking Erica or the highly detailed Leonardo Da Vinci Android. Following suite, researchers at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have developed a humanoid receptionist robot which looks strikingly human-like. Named as Nadine, the Android is doppelganger of Nadia Thalmann, a robotic professor at NTU’s School of Computer Engineering and creator of this robot.
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Bluboo Xfire 2 is world’s first 5.0-inch smartphone with 3 SIM card slots

Bluboo Xfire 2 Triple SIM card phone_1

We have got so used to dual SIM phones now that it is a feature which we expect in-built in every phone. Especially Android and Windows phones. If you’ve got bored with dual SIM phones and your needs are far beyond than what a dual SIM card can satisfy, then you need to look at this. Triple-SIM phone by Bluboo, a Chinese gadget manufacturer is something new you’ll find interesting. The 5.0-inch Bluboo Xfire 2 Triple-SIM phone is going to be the first of its kind and it is unbelievably cheap.
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Leonardo da Vinci robot is too real to believe

Leonardo da Vinci robot by Osaka University team

Recently there has been a growing trend for making humanoid robots that you can barely distinguish from a real human being. Now researchers at the Osaka University have taken this to a whole new level by developing an android which you would mistake for a real person if no one told you that it is actually a robot. To top it off this android looks exactly like Leonardo da Vinci and has facial expression that will make you go wow!
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Geminoid F humanoid is more than just a pretty face

Geminoid F robot

At the World Robot Exhibition in Beijing this week Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory at Osaka University revealed a robot which looks and behaves like a human. They call it Android Geminoid F, and for some she is the sexiest robot on the planet. This is not the first time Geminoid F has made appearance as the humanoid robot also featured in Japanese movie ‘Sayonara’ which is a story on the after-effects of nuclear power plant meltdown.
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Now you can watch Youtube videos in virtual reality mode with Google Cardboard

Youtube VR videos

Whatever Youtube is doing seems to be right as their videos load in a jiffy, there are many options and everything is falling in their court. Now, they are taking things forward by pushing support for Google Cardboard VR headset to view Youtube videos. That means you can now view 360-degree virtual reality worlds in a 3D like environment using your Android smartphone.
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Make a smart home mirror that displays all the vital info you need

Android smart home mirror

With such a great influx of gadgets, especially mobile devices the technology keeps on changing every day. Leaving you with a device that becomes obsolete in year’s time and once you get a new smartphone/tablet, the old one just sits in your drawer. If you have large screen sized smartphone or tablet lying around that is of no use then there is a cool DIY that can put it to good use. Making an Android smart home mirror that displays current time, temperature, stock exchange prices, social-networking feed, news headlines and other things as you get ready for the day ahead.
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Migrate all your Android data to Apple Phone with “Move to iOS” app

Move to iOS app for Android

The first ever Apple app under the publisher name “Apple Inc.” has arrived in the Play Store and it helps you make a smooth switch from Android phone to Apple device. Called as “Move to iOS”, this app basically urges you to pull away from Android phones and adapt Apple devices. It is basically a migrating app that transfers all your files/data like photos, contacts, calendars, email accounts and message history from Android OS into Apple OS to make it ultra-easy for you.
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Researchers develop Android application that boosts battery life by 15 percent

Purdue University Android app Hush

All that our smartphone provides us with all day long, it take a toll on the battery backup of the device. And just for the records, even when you are not using your phone, the apps keep draining your battery. Sadly, almost half of the battery drain in sleep mode when the screen is off, takes place due to background processes that are hard to identify. This happens because of the apps in the background that start their processes, thereby assisting in battery drain.
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Blackberry Venice could be a 5.4-inch curved glass display phone

Blackberry Venice smartphone

Every leak that comes from Evan Blass (a.k.a @evleaks) turns out to be real and that makes him the most trusted leakster in the cloud. This time it is concrete evidence as Evan has tweeted with images that secret Blackberry Venice smartphone is confirmed for November release date in U.S. This Android 5.x phone has been in works for some time now and was hinted a month ago along with the Blackberry Prague phone. As you can see from the images it definitely runs on Android 5.x version since there are PlayStore and Google Keep apps.
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