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CES 2015: Cerevo XON Snow-1 snowboard bindings analyze your riding style

CES 2015 Cerevo XON Snow 1 snowboard bindings

Snowboarding is going to get influenced by technology just like some other sports that help you improve your game considerably. At CES 2015, Japanese company Cerevo has revealed XON Snow-1 which is a pair of snowboard bindings that are sensor-enabled to track the moment and weight distribution while you ride the snow-capped mountains. The snowboard bindings have LED lights on the toe and heal that act as an indicator to show the shift of weight as you swerve downhill.
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Telepathy Jumper – Wearable communication device to make its appearance at CES 2015

Telepathy Jumper head mounted display

Telepathy Jumper head mounted display

More than a year and a half ago we came across the Telepathy One wearable communication device. Now the Japanese gadget startup has come up with Telepathy Jumper, a wearable display which can be sported as a geeky necklace when not in use. The 960×540 (qHD) display of Telepathy Jumper is developed in conjunction with Hitachi and Hitachi-LG Data Storage. For a premium HUD experience the display unit is equipped with a 5MP camera, acceleration, geomagnetic & proximity sensor, gyroscope, microphone and other sensors. Telepathy Jumper weighs just 30 grams in total, making it a light-weight wearable device that is practical for use in daily life.
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Smart toothbrush that connects to your smartphone

GUM play Smart toothbrush

Sunstar, a Japanese company is going to launch its smartphone compatible toothbrush dubbed the G.U.M Play (a.k.a. Smart Toothbrush) in the early half of next year. The toothbrush comes with a dock that indicates the charging level of the toothbrush and the connectivity with your smartphone. In conjunction with an app you can track all your brushing habits and also the right way to brush your teeth in case there are parts of the mouth that are not being brushed well. The app shows in visual form the teeth that are not being covered by your brushing regime, therefore prompting you to brush in the right manner to achieve best results.
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Kodak to reveal its range of mobile devices at CES 2015

Kodak smartphone CES 2015

The iconic camera brand Kodak has had a rough time in the last few years owing to intense competition. Going with the latest technological trend, Kodak has now partnered with smartphone manufacturer Bulitt Group to announce a range of Android-powered mobile devices that will be launched at CES 2015. The mobile devices are going to be aimed at consumers who want a smartphone that is less complicated and focuses on photography, printing and sharing experience.
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Must have Android Apps in 2015 for every geek

Must have Android apps in 2015

Android mobile devices have dominated the market in the last few years, and owing to the endless list of Android apps the portfolio keeps getting bigger and stronger. To complement the thumping hardware that Android OS powered devices have, apps have increased the utility of smartphone and tablets by three folds. Let’s have a look at some of the must have apps for your Android powered smartphone or tablet in 2014 and the upcoming year 2015.
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3-in-1 Smart Box is a multi-functional Bluetooth speaker from Brando

3-in-1 Smart Box by Brando

Brando workshop, manufacturer of functional, fun and unique consumer products for their customers have developed an innovative portable device that will serve you in three different ways. Called 3-in-1 Smart Box, the tiny multifunctional Bluetooth speaker can act as a camera remote shutter, Bluetooth anti-lost and Bluetooth speaker. Compatible with all Bluetooth supporting cellphones, you just have to pair the small keychain attachable device to your Android device (smartphones and tablets) and install the software app to activate all the functions and then use them with ease.
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Lume Cube: External flash light for smartphones and GoPro cameras

Lume Cube Flash light for iPhone, Android and GoPro

Though most smartphones come with built-in LED flash units, capturing photographs in the dark often demands an external light source. So, if you have been looking for something that can serve as a portable lighting tool for low-light and night time photography, Lume Cube is just for you. This high-power external light source for your smartphone measures 1.5 inches and comes encased in water resistant silicone shell. Compatible with iPhone, Android and GoPro and any basic camera, Lume Cube external light source features three LEDs that can generate up to 1500 lumens.
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Ditto – The $29 no nonsense wearable gadget is here

Ditto wearable gadget for mobile devices

Ditto relays notifications from your mobile device(s) in the simplest way possible

As we are heading into a technology dominated world, where we are the slaves of our smartphones and other gadgets, it is important to reclaim our life. Going by the same notion is this minimalistic wearable by Simple Matters called Ditto which is on a mission to free humanity from the shackles of mobile device domination. This wearable gadget is the simplest of all the wearable gadgets that you’d encounter these days because is an anti-gadget device. A gadget that is made to give you only important notifications, and that too without any buttons, screen or irritating sounds.
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Health and fitness tracker that hooks onto your clothes

Activity Meter Body Fit iPhone

With wearable gadgets becoming ever popular with the geek users, companies worldwide are looking to capture this niche market with their intuitive gizmos that add style and fulfill modern day requirements of demanding users. Wearable gadgets coming from the Far East are always expected to be a bit different and intuitive, and this Activity Meter Body Fit iPhone gizmo is no different. This little coin-sized wearable gadget hooks onto your clothes like a mic or can be used as a wristband too. The purpose? Well, it quite predictably is a fitness tracker, Sleep analyzer and activity meter that keeps you updated about all your fitness related issues.
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