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will.i.am rolls out BUTTONS – Wireless earbuds for Apple devices

BUTTONS Earbuds Model

will.i.am, an electronic accessory manufacturer, is known for its expensive products. But none of its products left lasting impression on consumers. The list of gadgets it has rolled out didn’t appear much impressive. But now, will.i.am has released a new set of wireless earphones “BUTTONS” that looks company’s best bet so far. The “BUTTONS” are inspired by the shape of vinyl records and features magnetic discs that locks the earphones around user’s neck to prevent misplacement. It can be integrated into daily wardrobe while user take calls or plays music. Read More…

TheSelfie improves your selfie snaps with its simple remote shutter system


The selfies strike back, this time with technological credibility. The scope is not anymore about those awkward, time taking photograph sessions where by-passers sneer at you for your presumed narcissism. We are of course talking about the aptly named ‘TheSelfie’, an easy-to-use photo snapping contrivance. Envisaged as a remote shutter system, the product can actually be used with any Apple mobile device with a camera. The form factor only entails a small contraption with a simple clicking mechanism that allows you to take your selfie photos from a certain distance.

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