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Reason behind iPhone 6s battery issue finally revealed by Apple

Apple iPhone 6s battery issue

Lately, Apple has had a rough time with its iPhone 6s models which are prone to mysterious shut downs. This was presumed to be a battery issue and Apple owed an explanation. The Cupertino giant however subdued the issue with recall of handsets facing this problem. Now, the company has finally revealed what the issue actually is. But strangely they have only revealed it the users in China.
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iPhone 6s Vs. Paper shredder – Watch who wins [w/Video]

iPhone 6s Paper Shredder test

Time and again it has been proved that iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are very durable as their casing is made from durable aluminum 7000 series compound. There have been some extreme durability tests performed on both these phones and also their predecessors. Obviously iPhone 6s/6s Plus have both turned out to be quite reliable but iPhone 6/6 Plus has not impressed much. We knew something would definitely test these phones again and that is what the paper shredder is up for.
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Apple iPhone 6S Vs. Ferrari 458 Italia – Durability test of epic proportions

iPhone 6s vs Ferrari 458 Italia

Apple has made sure that iPhone 6S is much stronger than its predecessors, and all the gruesome testing has proved it right. But strength of iPhone 6S was slated to be tested to the limits by crazy people in this crazy little world. A Ukrainian guy has been doing some crazy experiments with gadgets and technology since 2009 and it was only time before he took iPhone 6S to the extreme torcher. Want to know how strong iPhone 6S actually is? Watch the video that follows and you’ll be surprised, guaranteed!
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4 crazy tales from queues waiting for iPhone 6s launch


Yesterday, September 25 was the day when iPhone 6s went on sale for the first time. While, there were a few million takers who had pre-ordered for the flagship phone, there were thousands of others who queued up outside stores in their respective countries – some for a day and some for couple of days together. Read More…

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus won’t bend unless you are a hulk!

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus bend test

The anticipation for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus was building up months before their release and the main agenda was Bendgate. Issue that bothered Apple beyond comprehension and it wasn’t surprising that for this lot of smartphones, iPhone choose a much stronger material that won’t bend. Prior to the phone’s release, Unbox Therapy managed to get their hands on the 7000 series aluminum casing which is almost three times stronger than its predecessor. Now that the phones have been released we’ve got another bend test thrown our way, but this time around not by Unbox Therapy.
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Leaked images of iPhone 6s supposedly reveal slot for Force Touch sensor

iPhone 6s image leak reveals force touch capability

From what we know about the new iPhone offerings from Apple, we aren’t expecting any real changes on the outside. Apple just revamped the iPhone last year in form of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Only a year since, we don’t see Apple ditching the new design; but we are expecting a few changes to the innards of course. In addition to a better camera one thing we are expecting is the integration of Force Touch. If the recently revealed images of display assembly supposedly of the forthcoming iPhone 6s by Chinese repair firm GeekBar on Weibo are anything to go by, the new model could have the same display as the iPhone 6 but with the rumored Force Touch capability. Read More…