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Supremo Trump Changeover: Caviar’s gold-plated Donald Trump iPhone 7

Caviar Donald Trump gold plated iPhone 7_2

Caviar, the luxury Russian brand is an expert when it comes to draping iPhones in gold finish with a specific theme. They showed it with the gold-plated Apple Watch having Putin’s signature, and before that with the gold-plated iPhone for Kazakhstan. Now, they have come up with a gold-plated iPhone themed on American president John Donald Trump, and they like to call it the Supremo Trump Changeover.
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Ukrainian changes his name to iPhone 7, but why?

man changes name to iPhone 7

What length can one go to get hold of their favorite gadget for free? Apparently, changing the existing name to that very gadget is one way. Yes, that is right as a Ukrainian man changed his name to iPhone 7, to earn one for himself, courtesy a Ukraine store’s promotion offer. The 20-year old man now known as “iPhone 7 Sim” (Sim is seven in Ukraine), and he proudly owns the all new iPhone 7. All it took was around $2 to legally change the name from Olexander Turin to the new one.
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Please don’t drill hole in your iPhone 7 for headphone jack!

iPhone 7 drilling headphone jack

Ever since the iPhone 7 was revealed much has been said about its missing 3.5mm headphone jack. Some like the new upgrade, while others are constantly making us all believe that it is a bad move by Apple. That said, Apple iPhone 7 is another gizmo which is popular in the blogosphere and video streaming platforms. Be it good or sarcastic criticism. Interestingly, a video is going viral which shows how you can drill a hole in your iPhone 7 to reveal a hidden 3.5 mm headphone jack!
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Upcoming gadgets and gizmos that’ll rock your world

Parrot Disco Drone

The market is constantly flooded with new gadgets and gizmos that promise to make our life easy and get things done in a jiffy. We have seen smartphones, drones, personal robots and wearables which have totally changed the complexion of consumer oriented tech. For geeks who are constantly on the lookout for new technologies being implemented in product, here is a collection of the top anticipated gadgets.
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Leak suggests Apple is not ditching 3.5mm headphone jack in iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 leaks

Internet was all flooded with the news that Apple might ditch 3.5mm jack in its iPhone7 phone. Contrary to that rumor, a new one has emerged which claims that Apple in-act is not going to do that. A leak from a repair shop in Ganzhou, China makes us believe that iPhone 7 is going to have the 3.5mm jack and also a dual-SIM version which will be Apple’s first ever. Release of Moto Z Force strengthened the fact that now phone manufacturers are going to adapt the USB Type-C as the standard audio jack.
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iPhone 7 image, schematic leaked – reveals dual-camera, no smart connector

Apple iphone 7 plus leak

Amid all the iPhone 7 rumors, new set of images and a schematic have appeared on Chinese website Baidu. The images are considered to be of the real iPhone 7 since these were supposedly sourced from a Chinese Apple supplier. The images show CNC machining plates and the schematic describes tolling dimensions. The newly leaked images could be for real but you’d know its nothing surprising. Every passing day the market is rife with rumors surrounding Apple and its new offerings. There is a long list of rumors made earlier this year about major changes in iPhone’s new models. Read More…

Apple iPhone 7 will not have 3.5mm audio jack, but why?

iPhone 7 Type C headphone jack

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus came with some major hardware and software improvements that in a way justified its price tag. Now the Cupertino giant wants to make the phone thinner by 1mm but for that they have to do away with the 3.5mm jack. Yes, if a Japanese blog is to be believed, Apple is planning to bring a new standard for audio streaming to your ears. Most probably they will replace the age old 3.5mm jack with USB Type-C as the new standard. But is this going to be easy or do we really need a thinner iPhone with a new audio jack that is compatible with none of your headphones other than the USB Type-C headphones supplied with the phone itself?
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Concept iPhone 7 without home button has a edge-to-edge curved screen

iPhone 7 concept-1

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are doing reasonably well in the market, but the phones retaining the same design as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has not been received with real enthusiasm by many Apple fanboys. While the world is busy speculating what the next version of the iPhone would look like, designer Marek Weidlich has created his version of the iPhone 7, which is line with what most experts are predicting – a iPhone without a home button. Marek’s design proposes a radical change in the iPhone’s design, which removes the home button and turns the phone into a single touchscreen. Read More…