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Privacy assistant app ensures your safety is never compromised online

Personalized privacy assistant app

We cannot just do without some of the applications on our smartphones. Of course all of them are necessary, but do you know these apps may be sneaking into your privacy without your permission. According to studies, most people are unaware of the privacy setting of their mobile applications and some forget about the consent they have given to app on some previous occasion – two issues leading to a lot of privacy leak. To allow individual apps on your phone know what to share, researchers led by Norman Sadeh, professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a personalized privacy assistant app. Read More…

Microsoft’s Word Flow app makes one-handed typing a breeze on iOS devices

Microsoft Word Flow keyboard app_1

As smartphone users we all like to have a keyboard app which can make meaningful predictions and also feels smooth to use. There are many options in both App Store and Google Play to download such applications. The popular one being SwiftKey which Microsoft acquired last month for $250 Million. Now Microsoft Garage project has made another exciting announcement for iOS users in US. The silicon giant has announced Word Flow keyboard for free in the Apple Store and unlike any other app this one is indeed focused on productivity and ease of use.
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Pebble Health is affordable and durable smartwatch maker’s native fitness app

Pebble health app

Recently Pebble went new with the Pebble Round smartwatch, and now it is venturing into the fitness applications. One thing that has refrained Pebble from being the go to smartwatch is lack of a native fitness tracker (users had to rely on third party fitness tracking applications until now). Not anymore. Pebble has now launched Pebble Health, its own native fitness tracking app for its affordable and durable smartwatches. Read More…

Kinect-powered physiotherapy app Vera gets FDA approval

Kinect-powered physical therapy app

San Diego, California-based Reflexion Health recently received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) go ahead for its Microsoft Kinect for Windows-based motion tracking application for physical therapy. The app called Vera with the approval becomes one of the only few FDA certified digital medicine companies to use innovative methods and tools to impart care more effectively and in an engaging manner. Designed to use Kinect’s motion sensor and camera to help people with their physiotherapy, the app will have a positive effect on patients and doctors. Read More…

Apple News deliberately blocked in China

Apple news app blocked in china

China’s internet censorship program has forced Apple to kill its new, iOS 9-friendly, news-reading app called Apple News. According to New York Times, Apple faced demands from Chinese government to filter articles on its news reading app; instead of trying to pass through the complex censorship system, Apple has taken the straightforward route and has disabled Apple News app in the country. Read More…

Nigerian students develop Humane app to make any phone accessible for blind


Four Nigerian engineering students have developed software that can turn any windows phone into a smartphone accessible to visually impaired. The application software (unavailable for public download) called Humane is brainchild of Victor Shoaga, Ayodele Obasegun, Oyatope Blessing and Otaru Babatunde – engineering students at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). The app uses a compatible manual controller to make a smartphone more accessible and easy to use for blind. Read More…

Researchers develop Android application that boosts battery life by 15 percent

Purdue University Android app Hush

All that our smartphone provides us with all day long, it take a toll on the battery backup of the device. And just for the records, even when you are not using your phone, the apps keep draining your battery. Sadly, almost half of the battery drain in sleep mode when the screen is off, takes place due to background processes that are hard to identify. This happens because of the apps in the background that start their processes, thereby assisting in battery drain.
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Android 6.0 will officially be called “Marshmallow” Google confirms

Android 6.0 OS is going be called Marshmallow

Android 6.0 OS is going be called Marshmallow

Information on Google’s next operating system for mobile devices was building up in the last few months, and finally Android M has an official name. Google has announced that the next Android 6.0 operating system is going to be called as Android Marshmallow, laying all speculations about Android Milkshake to rest. The final version of this OS is nearing completion and as a result 6.0 SDK final Developer Preview update is now available to developers (SDK Manager in Android Studio) for coming up with API level 23 apps.
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With Brickshots app you can become a Lego builder anytime [Video]

Brickshots app Lego cat

If you were ever crossed with the idea of having a Lego replica of yourself, or of your pet for that matter, luck may be on your side. A new app called Brickshots lets you do just that. Available for both Android and iOS users, Brickshots app turns your photos into buildable Lego portraits. How? Well, you simply upload a picture (it could be anything you want replicated), pick a color scheme of choice, and you will get a blueprint and brick by brick instruction on how to create a Lego portrait. Read More…

“Eyes on Pluto” gives you heads-up of historic event in the making

Eyes on Pluto app NASA

NASA has confirmed that its New Horizons spacecraft is going to be the closest to Pluto in its 9 years of epic journey which traversed 3 billion miles. The spacecraft is going to go past the dwarf planet with just 12,500 km away from the surface in a historic event. To be precise, it will cruise past the planet with speed of over 30,000 miles per hour at 11:49 AM on July 14, 2015.
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