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Nintendo’s Super Mario Run: Must-have arcade game for your iPhone 7

Nintendo Super Mario Run

Alright, so it’s almost less than a week before your have the official Nintendo Super Mario Run game on your iPhone. The iOS app will launch on 15 December 2016, and already there is hype over this arcade running adventure game. Since, Mario has been the popular game of the 90s, the nostalgic feeling of playing it on your mobile device is making everyone go wild.
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Google PhotoScan app digitalizes your old photos in the easiest way possible

Google PhotoScan App

All of us have old photos lying in the attic, drawers, bed boxes and places where we imagine they are safe from any physical damage. Perhaps we all think that they won’t be damaged by fungus, fire or water spillage over decades. Most of don’t and go through the tedious process of scanning or re-photographing the old snaps. And who can ignore the flares, glare, unaligned framing and the crooked edges which are so hard to omit from the photo of a photo. Well, Google just made your task a whole lot easier with its new app called PhotoScan.
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How has Pokemon Go changed gaming apps forever?

Pokemon go banned in Iran

By now, you must have definitely heard about the frenzied Pokemon Go players. Even if you aren’t a Pokemon Go addict yourself, you might have definitely come across clumps of people glued to their mobile phones running around the city. Well, thanks to Pokemon Go – the augmented reality game application developed by Niantic, the company which published the app is now twelve billion US dollars richer( at least in terms of valuation) than what it was before Pokemon Go happened.
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Apple iOS 10 gets noticeable updates, here’s a detailed look at them

Apple iOS 10

At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple made some key announcements which will decide the course for the next twelve months. Major updates included tweaks and improvements for Mac, Apple Watch, iPhone and Apple TV. As promised earlier in the detailed article about those major announcements at WWDC, we here concentrate on what iOS 10 update brings on the platter for Apple iPhone and iPad users. Simply because there are more than 1 billion iOS devices being used globally. The operating system has been kind of revamped from bottom up and gives us a chance to discuss about all the new features worth mentioning. And yes, Tim Cook did mention that iOS 10 is the mother of all releases.
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Samsung Gear VR App – Bedtime Stories for kids won’t entice sensible parents

Samsung Gear VR Bedtime VR stories app

Bed time stories will never lose their charm as they kids a way to slowly phase into the dreamy world. Samsung wants to give you another reason to rejoice bed time stories along with your kids as they slumber for the night. In this busy scheduled world, the electronics giant has come up with BedTime VR Stories, a Gear VR app which takes you and your kid into a never before seen mystic world. The solution is targeted towards busy parents who want their kids to make the best use of gadgets at home. In this case, Samsung Gear VR and of course a compatible Samsung smartphone like the Galaxy S7 Edge.
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Nivea Men NOSE detects your body odor, saves you from embarrassment

Nivea Men Nose

Many men out there are not blessed with a musky odor, rather one that resembles rotten fish. Alright that was a bit too harsh, but go to your gym in the hot summer, and you’ll want hit the nearest window as soon as someone with a bad odor starts sweating. Nivea wants people with bad odor to realize that they are no charmers and that is why they have come up with a tech forward way to do it. Nivea Men NOSE smartphone case along with the Nivea NOSE app is going to sense your sweat, just like women who have more stench-smelling brain neurons.
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Facebook Live video streaming feature coming soon to your device

Facebook Live video streaming feature

Facebook has just launched a new feature to Facebook Live to some users which allows for live video streaming in groups or events. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg has been pretty obsessed with this feature to allow the users freedom to share moments instantly with friends and family. More so, you can react instantly to all the comments and feel as if they are present with you. Facebook Live was launched in August 2015 for a handful of celebrities like The Rock, Ashley Tisdale and Serena Williams. Later it was expanded to media companies and verified page users. Facebook is even paying celebrities and media companies to use the service in order to increase its popularity. Now the feature is going to roll out for public and that is great news.
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MyShake app gives you extra few seconds before a major earthquake

MyShake Android App_2

Natural disasters, particularly earthquakes are the most feared thing in this world as they strike without notice. Detecting earthquakes has been a major subject of study and researchers world over have dedicated their lives for doing so. There is no doubt how smartphones can play a pivotal role in detecting earthquakes owing to their advanced sensors. Exploring that capability has already been researched by University of Houston and National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy. Now researchers at the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory have taken those finding forward and developed an app for smartphones which records even the slightest of tremors and helps in formulating a prediction pattern for the future.
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WhatsApp coming with video calling feature in the next update

Whatsapp video calling feature_1

WhatApp the most popular chatting app got the voice call feature this year and users have been enjoying it no doubting the fact. Now, if a German blog has to be believed, WhatsApp is going to have video calling feature too. This is going to be an important addition to the app and give the users another reason to make it an important part of their daily routine. For now users have to look for other apps like Viber, Skype or Facebook’s own Messenger app for video calling. Getting the video calling feature on WhatsApp will further strengthen their position as the most used communication app in the world.
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Always wanted to answer e-mail without typing-in? Now you can with ‘Smart Reply’

Inbox for Gmail Smart Reply feature_1

Inbox for Gmail Smart Reply feature

Text messaging has evolved quite a lot with predictive text and emoji using iOS and Android’s AI for text forecast. I’m sure you are wondering how cool would it be to have some kind of predictive reply for your e-mails too. Google has been making major inroads in its complex algorithms for search and having a huge experience and data now gives them the leverage to introduce a new feature that will change the way you reply to emails. Google mail app will soon see a new feature dubbed “Smart Reply” that makes valid suggestions to mails that you receive.
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