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Apple brings augmented reality to iPhone’s camera app, smart glasses to follow


When Augmented Reality-based Pokemon Go jumped the gun to become the biggest mobile game in the history in under a week of release, Apple’s chief Tim Cook was quick to come out and inform that his company is investing big money into augmented reality. The claims seem to be reaping results – According to Business Insider, Apple is working on integrating augmented reality technology into the iPhone’s camera app. The Cupertino giant has assembled a host of big names from the AR and VR industry and has also recently acquired an AR startup Metaio, all that may be working in tandem to give Apple that extra edge to live up to its claims. Read More…

Pinball + Air Hockey + Wall Climbing = Climball Two-Player Ballgame

Augmented Climbing Wall

We have already seen the potential of augmented reality gaming with the scorching success of Pokemon Go app for Android and iOS. In-fact mixed reality is the future, and it is already seeping into our lives with such interesting applications. Urging its users to get fit by hunting down Pokemons and its eggs, the AR game has caught virtually everyone on the planet by surprise. On the same lines another interesting augmented reality game with a twist has caught our attention.
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Intel unveils Project Alloy – all-in-one mixed reality headset

Project Alloy

When Intel CEO Brian Krzanich took to the stage at the Intel Developer Forum held in San Francisco, he had something new to release – the Project Alloy – an all-in-one virtual reality headset. Yes, Intel in entering the entertaining world of VR with its own headset that does not need to be attached to a phone or computer, remember Microsoft HoloLens?  Project Alloy is completely tetherless – it doesn’t need external sensors, processor or battery, powered by a 6th gen Intel Core processor, it comes with its own battery and processor. Read More…

Tim Cook confirms Apple is investing real money in augmented reality


At the Apple’s second quarter earnings conference, Cupertino tech giant’s CEO Tim Cook may be referring to Pokemon Go as Poke man Go, but the world heard closely and understood what he meant. Pokemon Go or Poke man Go – however, you may choose to call it, is making the whole world go bonkers after it. So much so that according to Tim Cook, the world’s largest tech company is also investing large sums into augmented reality – the new age tech, Pokemon Go is based on.
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Google ditches VR, allegedly working on standalone AR headset


Google is working on some ambitious devices of late. Only recently the company revealed its Android-powered VR platform-based Daydream project – but the tech giant’s long term plans are far beyond virtual reality and pretty close to augmented reality. According to a report on Engadget (via Recode) Google has scrapped plans for a VR device, but claims, it is working on a high-end mixed reality headset that brings the good of augmented reality and VR to one single device. Read More…

Microsoft Hololens shows the future of interactive sports viewing in livestream

Microsoft Hololens NFL mashup hologram

Holographic display and augmented reality are going to be the future of technology in the coming decade, just like the mobile devices have dominated this one. Taking a step into that future is Microsoft Hololens which mixes reality and holographic imaging together to turn them into visual treat for your eyes. To give you another peak into the future is Microsoft Hololens un-tethered holographic computer’s mashup with Super Bowl. This is a concept video which shows how the viewers will watch and interact with live sports right in their living room.
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Verizon introduces Star Wars: The Force Awakens Google Cardboard

Star Wars The Force Awakens Google Cardboard

In a bid to promote the upcoming blockbuster movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Verizon Wireless has found a handy new tool. Google Cardboard themed in Star Wars theme. So why would Verizon promote a Star Wars movie? To directly prompt users to switch to their faster and reliable 4G LTE network. A promotion campaign that will bring a smile to the faces of Star Wars fans.
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Asus planning affordable Augmented Reality headset for 2016 launch

HoloLens - Asus developing augmented reality headset

Virtual reality headset market is heating up with each passing day. We are already aware of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive making it to the shelves early next year; and the likes of Google Cardboard already giving us a sense of what to expect from the more sophisticated and expensive headsets. News has it now that Taiwanese PC manufacturer Asus is planning to release its own Augmented Reality headset, which should be released in 2016. According to Asus CEO Jerry Shen, Augmented Reality is going to be more useful than virtual reality – therefore, despite all the traction in the VR market, Asus will tap the more untouched AR market. Read More…

NEC develops ARmKeypad – Augmented Reality keyboard for your arm

-NEC-ARmKeypads Augmented-Reality-Keyboard

Fancy a scenario wherein Iron Man style you could control your mobile devices from a keyboard on the forearm? If you do, NEC has just made it possible with their keyboard for the sleeve of your hand called the ARmKeypad. According to NEC, a user can project an augmented reality keyboard on their forearm using eyeglasses and a smartwatch. The special pair of glasses allows the user to see the keyboard projected on the arm, which will not be visible to anyone else. Read More…

PowerUp FPV turns your paper plane into a flying drone

PowerUp FPV paper plane drone_1

With the kind of technology at our disposal, it is not hard to achieve what was earlier unattainable. Flying paper planes was a favorite pass-time in the yesteryears and today we have things like drones/quadcopters and of course smartphone games that let you fly paper planes. Giving a new dimension to the good old paper plane flying paired with augmented reality, PowerUp Toys has partnered with acclaimed drone maker Parrot to come-up with first person view paper plane flying.
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