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Raptor – AR smartglasses project real-time data to riders without obstructing view

Eyesight AR SmartglassesEverysight, a part of Israel’s largest defense technology contractor Elbit Systems, has revealed Raptor – augmented reality smartglasses with a view equivalent to fighter jet display.  The glasses offer on-lens projections. The smartglasses are primarily developed with an aim to enhance performance and training of cyclists and triathletes.  The concept is to enable the user to view all critical information in real time like turn-by-turn naviation, time, distance, speed, heart rate, cadence, power without making him look at some other display, without obstruction.

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CES 2014: Venice-based GlassUp showcase first prototype of their AR glasses

GlassUp AR glasses

Back in July of last year, we harped about the Indiegogo funded GlassUp AR glasses with their touted ability to sync with your smartphone, and read emails, social media posts and messages. In short, it was one of the main competitors to Google Glass. And, now with CES 2014 in full swing, the creators had the opportunity to showcase the prototype of the GlassUp. As many of you might have deduced from the top image, we are sorely disappointed with the specimen. Almost looking of those unwieldy eye-oriented tools from the optometrist’s office, the design in its current state is oddly crude, to say the least. Of course, these augmented reality glasses are still in their prototype stage, which certainly leaves plenty room for form-factor improvement.

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CES 2014: Meta Pro 3D augmented reality glasses will set you back $3,000

Meta Pro Glasses

2014 will prove to be the year of 3D Augmented Reality glasses. This notion has been affirmed by an early demo of the full-fledged augmented reality pair of glasses powered by a pocket-size computer at the CES 2014. Developed by a Silicon Valley start-up Meta, the ready to use true 3D augmented reality glasses called Meta Pro come with a staggering price tag of $3,000. Meta Pro basically allows wearers to interact and manipulate with virtual environment in 3D. The device featuring transparent optics and an array of sensors will be put on show at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 7. Read More…