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Wooden arcade machine makes you go weak in the knees

Desktop Arcade Joy Stick

Desktop Arcade Joy Stick

We love geeky arcade machines, and I bet, so do you. The nostalgic feeling of playing those retro games in a cool little arcade machine. Thanks to 8Bitdo, the masters of making gaming controllers, you have another reason to give up playing games on your smartphone. They have created a stunning looking wooden arcade machine, and currently it is on display at the Gamescom convention in Cologne, Germany. Hands down, this has to be one of the best (if not the best) looking arcade machine I have seen so far.
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Rombus-CT mini cocktail arcade machine plays Pac-Man

Rombus CT arcade machine

Guys over at CircuitBeard (not Circuit Board) love tinkering around with electronics, and yes they love beards too. These bunch of geeks also like arcade gaming and looking at them it is hard to believe they are not exploring the countryside on their Harley’s. However, here they are with an arcade cabinet machine which is as cool as some of the other arcade cabinets we have seen so far, if not best of them.
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Galactic Dimension: Jumbo-sized pinball machine for pure arcade fun

Pinball Machine Galactic Dimension by Niklas Roy

You say Pinball and the feeling of nostalgia is all that oozes in one’s mind. That arcade music keeps ringing in my head and the metal ball bouncing against all the props placed. Niklas Roy, a die-hard pinball fan and DIY project maker has brought those sweet memories back, but in a jumbo design. This is Galactic Dimension, a supersized pinball machine designed by him for Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg, Germany; and it more than meets the eye. Everything about this machine is colossal as it invites pinball lovers to try their hand on a 3×6 meter machine inspired by the cosmic vastness and UFOs.
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Tetris T-shirt brings the addictive arcade game to your body canvas

Tetris Tshirt by Marc Kerger

Tetris was perhaps the most addictive game of the 80s and 90s era that captured the imagination of young, as well as old gamers. After the original version was made, there were many different variants of this game on different platforms. Still after two decades, Tetris has not escaped the minds of people and DIYers who want to incorporate its gaming interface in many different ways. One such perfect example of Tetris taking to the wearables is the Tetris T-shirt designed by Marc Kerger from Luxembourg, to celebrate 30 years of the Tetris legacy.
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Would you slash out €2,499 for the portable R-Kaid-R arcade machine by Love Hulten?

R Kaid R arcade machine by Love Hulten

Handmade arcade gaming machines always stand out from the rest of the DIYs that catch our attention and portable arcade machines are what we like. This hybrid of a Mame Machine and portable arcade machine, called as R-Kaid-R by the famous Swedish DIYer Love Hulten is something of a jackpot for gamers. Perfectly mixing the game physics of yesteryears when arcade gaming was the rage and digital spectrum of today’s gaming scenario; Love crafted this magnificent gaming arcade console with millimeter perfect detail.
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$60 Classic Arcade Wristwatch is bulky but cool anyways

Classic Arcade Wristwatch

Do you love arcade machines, as well as wristwatches? Then this Classic Arcade Wristwatch is just what you need. Themed on a Galactic Defense arcade machine, the retro Classic Arcade Watch is a working analog-style wristwatch that has dial with asteroids and a little spaceship too. The watch shows time by flashing red LED lights as soon as you press the fire arcade button, and to indicate the hour, minutes and seconds of the watch, spaceship and asteroid are used. Spaceship indicates the seconds and for showing the hour and minutes asteroids are used in this wristwatch. Classic Arcade sound effects further make you realize how seconds are flashing past you. The watch has stainless steel case and the black leather band with white stitching makes it a perfect watch for geeks who love to show-off their niche accessories.
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DIY Arcade-a-tron Mk3 machine having LCD display for new-age gamers

This Arcade-a-tron Mk3 machine in a compact cabinet as DIY project unearths the teenage gamer in me just by having one glance. Having a 22 inch LCD screen instead of the good old CRT’s the maker had to come up with a screen angle adjustment mechanism to get the viewing of the screen at an angle of 45 degrees. The compact lowboy design of the arcade cabinet allows for ample flexibility in position of the screen as well as the player seating area and there is an adjustable lever on the side of this arcade for adjustment of controls relative to the screen. The total cost of this whole project is estimated at around AUD $200, excluding the cost of LCD monitor as you case use the display of your choice like a CRT or plasma screen.
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Homemade Android Arcade Machine takes us back in time with perfection

We are not new to Arcade machines; we have played our favorite games on the Arcade cabinets but yes, the new generation of gamers deeply versed with their portable game consoles, Android or iOS devices have certainly missed the craze we’ve lived with these arcade machines. Yes, the quality of games has increased tremendously with the advent of mobile platforms but we all have those nostalgic feelings for the good old gaming days and so does this guy whose modded a dearth cheap Android arcade machine to satiate his crave for arcade games. Read More…

Bespoke custom arcade gaming machines are upbeat on gaming in style

Love for arcade games will never die and for arcade machines too. For this very reason London based Bespoke Arcade is taking arcade gaming to the next level with their custom handmade arcade units that make your gaming love even more affectionate. Bespoke showed off their EVO standing cabinet and prototype flat pack cabinet at the Mad Catz Unveiled Event in London and fighting games like Street Fighter and Tekken were the highlight. Although the prototype unit was a bit rough on design element from the edges, the whole experience of gaming on these machines was exhilarating for the addictive gamers.
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