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How action FPS games are inspiring online casino gaming

Online Casino Gaming

The general perception of casinos has changed ever since online casinos came into the picture. Back in the old days, a casino was only associated with shady characters like gangs, marijuana smokers, mobs etc. Today, the image has completely changed as more people get used to the idea of gambling. In fact, now it is a place where people can mingle and play their favorite games to have some fun.
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Palm-sized Tiny Arcade is the world’s smallest gaming cabinet machine

Tiny Arcade 3D printed gaming machine

The love for arcade cabinets will never die. The more they are, the more we admire them. Especially when they are irresistibly cute. This is Tiny Arcade, probably the world’s smallest functional arcade machine that fits easily in your palm. The good news is you can have one, as the project is up on Kickstarter and looking on track to get funded. Created by Ken Burns from Tiny Circuits who have a knack for making miniature DIY gadgets, the Tiny Arcade looks fit for a gaming geek.
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Polycade arcade machine reincarnates the nostalgic ‘80s gaming era

Polycade arcade gaming cabinet_2

By the look of things the gaming era of ‘80s is hitting us again with retro gaming being the new craze. The Tabletop Arcade Machine became a hit with the readers and now Polcade, a retro arcade machine wants to rise to the same level. Being the second arcade gaming project up on Kickstarter in a week’s time, things look good for the makers. Ideal for a modern home, this gaming cabinet is loaded with over 90 classic arcade game titles of the ‘80s. And with controls for two players, this gaming cabinet is perfect for an odd game while your mom prepares dinner.
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Would you slash out €2,499 for the portable R-Kaid-R arcade machine by Love Hulten?

R Kaid R arcade machine by Love Hulten

Handmade arcade gaming machines always stand out from the rest of the DIYs that catch our attention and portable arcade machines are what we like. This hybrid of a Mame Machine and portable arcade machine, called as R-Kaid-R by the famous Swedish DIYer Love Hulten is something of a jackpot for gamers. Perfectly mixing the game physics of yesteryears when arcade gaming was the rage and digital spectrum of today’s gaming scenario; Love crafted this magnificent gaming arcade console with millimeter perfect detail.
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