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$60 Classic Arcade Wristwatch is bulky but cool anyways

Classic Arcade Wristwatch

Do you love arcade machines, as well as wristwatches? Then this Classic Arcade Wristwatch is just what you need. Themed on a Galactic Defense arcade machine, the retro Classic Arcade Watch is a working analog-style wristwatch that has dial with asteroids and a little spaceship too. The watch shows time by flashing red LED lights as soon as you press the fire arcade button, and to indicate the hour, minutes and seconds of the watch, spaceship and asteroid are used. Spaceship indicates the seconds and for showing the hour and minutes asteroids are used in this wristwatch. Classic Arcade sound effects further make you realize how seconds are flashing past you. The watch has stainless steel case and the black leather band with white stitching makes it a perfect watch for geeks who love to show-off their niche accessories.
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Bitcoin Arcade Machine: Raspberry Pi powered arcade machine hacked to accept Bitcoins

Bitcoin Arcade Machine

Bitcoin digital currency is getting ever so popular with the geeky masses, and now, thanks to an intuitive hack, you can use Bitcoins to play uninterrupted arcade games too. Liberty Games has tweaked an old school arcade gaming machine with Raspberry Pi and PiFace hardware to ensure that you can pay Bitcoins as credit for playing your favorite games. Just like in the old times you would slot-down the coins in the arcade machine, this hacked multigame Cosmic II arcade machine accepts Bitcoin payments. Just scan the QR code on the arcade machine with a smartphone, and then pay Bitcoins for exchange of game credits to play games like Mario, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders or other classic games.
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Controlling RC truck with Sega Rally Championship racing arcade machine!

At Portuguese hackathon Codebits one hack mod that took everyone by surprise was the one by Artica. Having hacked Sega Rally racing arcade cabinets into ones that are used to control RC trucks with tinkering of the circuit boards, use of Arduino boards, XBee RF module and of course the good old Raspberry Pi circuit too. The ultimate aim was to control the RC trucks not using the lame old controllers but by seeing the video feed from the onboard cameras and providing the inputs via steering, gear shift, brake pedal, clutch pedal and accelerator pedal on the Sega Rally cabinet. The idea was proposed by Artica geeks to Sapo Codebits and no doubt this idea rang the bells for Celso martinho from Sapo who was excited about this new kind of functionality.
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DIY Pocket-sized Raspberry Pi micro arcade machine is freaking small

Raspberry Pi is the new weapon for hackers and modders to come up with stuff that is damn cool, even though it might not be the most powerful computer to go nuts about. And now we have a miniature arcade gaming machine running games like Bubble Bobble, Nemesis and Robotron using the MAME gaming emulator software. This miniature gaming arcade cabinet has a 2.4 inch 320×240 pixel LCD display with a very cool looking transparent make which makes it very attractive. The top of the LCD display has a small 128×32 white OLED which displays the logo of game being currently played on the machine.

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DIY Arcade-a-tron Mk3 machine having LCD display for new-age gamers

This Arcade-a-tron Mk3 machine in a compact cabinet as DIY project unearths the teenage gamer in me just by having one glance. Having a 22 inch LCD screen instead of the good old CRT’s the maker had to come up with a screen angle adjustment mechanism to get the viewing of the screen at an angle of 45 degrees. The compact lowboy design of the arcade cabinet allows for ample flexibility in position of the screen as well as the player seating area and there is an adjustable lever on the side of this arcade for adjustment of controls relative to the screen. The total cost of this whole project is estimated at around AUD $200, excluding the cost of LCD monitor as you case use the display of your choice like a CRT or plasma screen.
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DIY Arcade Coffee Table is double the gaming pleasure while sipping coffee

Dedicated Arcade machines can be a real space eater especially for small homes, so what does one do to have an arcade machine without compromising on space? Well, just integrate it into another piece of furniture like a coffee table and have dual functionality from it. Use it to satisfy your old school gaming buds or just retrace it back under the coffee table to enjoy a game of chess with your buddy over a sip of coffee of course. This DIY Arcade Coffee Table by Sam Wang does exactly what you are looking for to save space in your home. Made from an ordinary IKEA table and a few drawers that can be retraced back into the table itself this arcade hub has an LCD installed by cutting from the middle section.
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Bespoke custom arcade gaming machines are upbeat on gaming in style

Love for arcade games will never die and for arcade machines too. For this very reason London based Bespoke Arcade is taking arcade gaming to the next level with their custom handmade arcade units that make your gaming love even more affectionate. Bespoke showed off their EVO standing cabinet and prototype flat pack cabinet at the Mad Catz Unveiled Event in London and fighting games like Street Fighter and Tekken were the highlight. Although the prototype unit was a bit rough on design element from the edges, the whole experience of gaming on these machines was exhilarating for the addictive gamers.
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