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Spanish doctors implant 3D printed rib cage and sternum inside a cancer patient

3D printed rib cage and sternum

3D printing has lately played a very important role in medical science, to be particular in saving lives of people and giving them a new reason to enjoy it to the fullest. Good example of 3D printing saving someone’s live include a 3D printed skull for a patient suffering from chronic bone disease. The latest instance is the implant of a 3D printed rib cage and sternum inside a 54-year old Spanish cancer patient who had sarcoma tumor removed from his chest and major part of ribs too at the Salamanca University Hospital.
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Ekso Suit: A 3D printed Hybrid Robotic Exoskeleton with customized structure

Ekso Suit - A 3D printed Hybrid Robotic Exoskeleton

We have had our fair share of bionic exoskeleton contrivances, but nothing (arguably) comes close to the level of conscientiousness displayed by the above pictured Hybrid Robotic Exoskeleton. Fueled by the collaborative effort of the world’s largest 3D printer company – 3D Systems, and Ekso-Bionics, the so-named 3D Ekso Suit is custom tailored to ergonomically fit its subject. The ‘subject/test pilot’ for this fascinating endeavor was Amanda Boxtel, an outdoor enthusiast who unfortunately met with a serious injury in Aspen almost 12 years ago. The freak accident left her paralyzed from waist down, thus making her biologically unable to walk. But every story has a silver lining; the hybrid Exoskeleton robotic suit auspiciously came to the rescue, just like in a science fictional work. In fact, the advanced setup not only allowed her to stand with a nigh perfect posture, but also made her gloriously walk throughout the city of Budapest.

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Lifehand 2 bionic arm successfully conveys the ambit of ‘feeling’

Lifehand 2 bionic arm

The realm of bionics had advanced through the recent years with an exhilarating pace which is arguably unmatched by other electronic fields. And, the latest example of this technological progression takes an inspiringly conscientious route by going beyond the ambit of just physical support. A research team from Switzerland’s EPFL and Italy’s SSSA has devised the Lifehand 2, as a part of their ongoing bionic limb project. The specialty of the prosthetic is that it actually allows the users to feel rather than just supporting them on an artificial level. In other words, it exhibits an advanced degree of sensory feedback that is perceptible by the human senses, as opposed to a mechanical device serving as an inanimate extension of the person.

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World’ first artificially created human being the Incredible Bionic Man

The Incredible Bionic Man

Science fiction has come one more step closer to reality as the world’s first bionic man made by London’s Shadow Robot Co. has been revealed at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum in Washington. This is one pioneering event in advanced robotics and this 6 foot tall bionic man weighing 77 kg that took three months to finish using almost $1 million funds is aptly tagged as the Incredible Bionic Man for its sheer realism as shown in some of the movies like iRobots. Made from a collection of functional artificially organs and prosthetic body parts like limbs, eyes, heart, lungs, pancreas, spleen, kidney and circulatory system donated by laboratories worldwide together into one frame. The robot has the personality of a 13 year old boy from Ukraine who is an irritating chap to converse with, courtesy a sophisticated chat box program.
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