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Researchers develop robotic hand having the feeling of pain

Robotic hand with feeling of pain

We have come to a point where robots look so convincing you’ll look twice to confirm. But what about their ability to feel things like us? That is a complicated ability which requires a lot of research. Giving us all a new way to look at future robots who’ll look, behave and feel just like humans, Cornell have developed an advanced robotic hand. Headed by Robert Shepherd, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and principal investigator of Organic Robotics Lab, the robotic hand has feelings in its limbs.
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Artificial knee exoskeleton developed by Beihang University researchers

Beihang robot

Most of the exoskeletons we featured have been developed keeping in mind certain disability or assistance in walking for the elderly. Yet another example of an exoskeleton deemed to help paralyzed patients in walking again is being developed by researchers at Beihang University in China. The biologically inspired lower limb exoskeleton is created keeping in mind the human knee joint. Hence, this advanced artificial limb has scope for natural knee moment which has rotating and sliding mechanism.
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5-year old Katelyn gets 3D printed prosthetic hand in her favorite pink color

Katelyn Vincik 3d printed prosthetic arm

It’s heartbreaking when you see a kid having disability, basically it just shatters you. That is where technology come-in to restore some faith in humanity. 3D printing is one example of technology being used for good, as we have seen so many times in the past. Yet again, 3D printing has given a small little kid a new lease of life. Meet five-year old Katelyn Vincik from Vitoria, Texas who was born with an underdeveloped left hand. The cute little girl has been in the queue for receiving a prosthetic hand for a very long time, and finally her eagerness has been rewarded.
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French tattoo artist inks people with his customized prosthetic arm

Prosthetic tattoo arm for JC Sheitan Tenet

Prosthetics have taken a huge leap in the last few years and the coming future is bright for such bionic body parts that are now heading towards drastic evolution. A future that is reminiscent of movies like Terminator Genesis. We have seen a lot of prosthetic arms and hands in the past, but this one is different from the league. Meet tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet from France who is now the world’s first amputee to get a prosthetic tattoo arm. After having lost his arm in childhood, Tenet is one lucky chap with an artificial arm that looks straight out from a Sci-Fi movie.
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Innovation award for Lego prosthetic arm that lets children design their own hand


It’s not the kids alone who are appreciative of the IKO Creative Prosthetic System. Jury at the prestigious digital technology summit Netexplo organized in Paris was equally approving and awarded the Lego prosthetic arm, which disabled children can customize to their need, with an innovation award.  The Lego prosthetic system designed by Colombian designer Carlos Arturo Torres of the UMEA Institute of design that allows children to custom build their own Lego accessories won the Grand Prix award at the event.  Read More…

Lego prosthetic arm for kids that doubles as a tool to play with

IKO prosthetic system by Carlos Arturo Torres from the UMEA Institute of design

The thought of hooking on prosthetic limb can be sometimes mentally stressing for kids. It is related to self-esteem and the bad perception that kids have around artificial arms. That is what Carlos Arturo Torres from the UMEA Institute of design believed and wanted to fix as soon as possible. Hence he came-up with the idea of IKO prosthetic system (in collaboration with Lego FutureLab and CIREC) that gives disabled kids the freedom to let loose their creativity and use their prosthetic as a child’s play. In-fact it releases them from any negative thoughts and also attracts attention of other kids who just want to get the chance to play with this cool Lego prosthetic.
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World’s first prosthetic leg that feels like a real limb to the patient

Prosthetic leg by Hubert Egger

The best option for an amputee to gain back lost motor ability is through prosthetics and the artificial limb comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For example a prosthetic leg gives the amputated person the ability to walk and perform everyday chores of life without much problem. However, artificial limbs come with own set of problem, the major one being phantom pain.
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My Hand – A bionic hand that feels like a real limb

My Hand Bionic hand by Institute of Biorobotics

Scientists at the Institute of Biorobotics in Pisa, Italy headed by Christian Cipriani have developed a bionic hand that they call My Hand in short. Myoelectric-Hand Prosthesis project is aimed at making an artificial limb that looks very close to a real hand with the option of choosing skin tone and also functions like one. The brain-controlled prosthetic hand is made from silicon-coated exoskeleton that is supported by thin titanium sheets that weight somewhere around 7 ounces, making it a light-weight artificial hand. This project has huge potential and is funded by Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) for € 400,000.
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Brain-controlled wheelchair that’ll be ultra-safe and reliable too

NeuroWheelChair Brain controlled wheelchair

A research headed by José del R. Millán from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland is aiming to develop brain-controlled wheelchair that can be operated with maximum safety and reliability over a long period of time. José’s work was presented at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society (CNS) conference in San Francisco and it also underlines the importance of developing prosthetics that can be controlled using neuroprosthetic devices that enable the user to perform complex tasks.
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