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Google’s Atlas humanoid can now walk like us humans

Atlas humanoid robot by Google

Atlas, the Boston Dynamics’ (now owned by Google) ace robot has improved a lot in the last couple of years owing to intense development. It has demonstrated successfully how to get up after being pinned down to the ground, and a whole set of new features which make it a pioneering innovation aimed for the tech dominated future. Now, the robot can walk on uneven terrain, and I mean really uneven terrain that would be hard for us humans to walk on.
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Toyota buying Google’s Boston Dynamic – Creator of Big Dog and Atlas


As per reports, Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is in talks with Google regarding sale of Boston Dynamics, the creator of amazing new generation of robots including the Big Dog and the Atlas robot. Google seems to have got puzzled about what to do with a robotic company when it doesn’t actually relate to this field. Further, the search engine giant is not confident about commercial prospects of the company’s products. Read More…

How Atlas Robot reacts after being brutally tortured

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot humanoid

Alphabet owned Boston Dynamics has been very robust in development of its robotic machines of the future. Not only do they seen to be going in the right direction, the robotics giant has so far developed a fleet of robots which are superior in their own rights. One of them is the Atlas humanoid robot which is by far the most advanced humanoid you’ll ever get to see. Over the last couple of years this humanoid has undergone nifty improvements and now thanks to the team at Boston Dynamics, it can lift heavy loads like a laborer and also pick itself up after being pushed down in a mob. Much like the company’s Spot Robotic dog who balanced itself after being kicked brutally.
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ATLAS robot makes a comeback with loads of improvements

Atlas unplugged robot

ATLAS robot by Boston Dynamics makes a comeback

Way back last year we featured the ATLAS robot for disaster struck areas, and now the robot has unearthed for the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) with cool new upgrades. The ATLAS Unplugged robot has a 75% improvement from its predecessor version with new looks and functionality. Now it is more like a humanoid robot with a powerful battery which gives it 1 hour of freedom for operation and flexibility to lift itself up in case it falls.
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6-feet, 300 pound Atlas Robot to save lives in disasters


Since the disheartening disaster at Fukushima, Japan, there have been various efforts from manufacturers to make Dome-like disaster shelters and robots to save lives in disasters. Pentagon has joined the league with a 6 feet 2-inches, 300 pound humanitarian robot called Atlas designed by Boston Dynamics, which has been created to save lives in disaster hit areas. The giant robot is made mostly of aluminum, titanium and steel, and has been stuffed in with ability to walk and sense, but not think – Atlas lacks a brain. In December, seven team of scientists from universities like Virginia Tech and MIT have will compete to code the robot for action. The teams’ Atlas robots will be tested on their ability to drive utility vehicles, navigate through degraded terrains and enter disaster struck buildings. Read More…