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U.S. Army to replace HMMVV with newer, faster, and blast-proof L-ATV

U.S. Army has announced a contract with Oshkosh for the newer, heavier, blast-proof and faster version of it High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMVV) that was introduced in 1980 and resembled a jeep-like structure. The new version is named Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (L-ATV). The objective is to provide more safety from bomb blasts, to which earlier version was highly vulnerable, while troops move in dangerous and unfamiliar tough terrains. The L-ATV borrows some features from the MRAPs – heavy truck designed to withstand bomb-blasts. However, the L-ATV is faster than its descendant HMMVV. Read More…

Lightweight all-terrain bike disassembles in just five minutes

Taurus 2x2 all-terrain vehicle

Taurus 2×2 all-terrain vehicle

Have a look at this detachable and light-weight bike designed by Motovezedhody. Dubbed as Taurus 2X2 this off-road demon is made for quick tours uphill or scaling mud laden tracks. The bike weighs just 132 pounds in total, and when the job is done you can disassemble and put it into the boot of your vehicle. Since the bike is specifically made of rough terrain, therefore it goes at a top speed of 22 mph (35 km/h) powered by a Honda GX210 engine.
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RollEvac military rescue monocycle concept by Sadok Sakly

RollEvac military rescue monocycle concept by Sadok Sakly

RollEvac military rescue monocycle suited to all kind of battle situations

Inspired from the rolling golden spider of the Sahara desert, one idealistic designer has envisioned the future of military rescue operation vehicle. Young Tunisian designer, Sadok Sakly has put forth his project for futuristic military medical monocycle called RollEvac which takes us to the future of transportation in critical situations.
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Polaris Sportsman WV850 H.O. ATV with airless tires is monster for the road

Polaris Sportsman WV850 HO ATV

If you thought you owned the meanest ride on earth, consider the new unveil from Polaris. Polaris has recently introduced a civilian variant of the MV850 ATV they made especially for the U.S. Special Forces. The all-terrain vehicle dubbed Polaris Sportsman WV850 H.O. should have been the meanest in all sense of the word with its military grade single-speed transmission, 77 hp 850 cc engine, 11.75 gallon fuel tank, 3,500-pound winch and a towing capacity of 1,500-pounds, but the unique TerrainArmor airless tires added to the Sportsman WV850 H.O make it a real monster for the road.

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Skyrunner – A robust ATV with flying credentials

Skyrunner flying car

We have had our fair share of covering flying cars, ranging from the exquisite looking AeroMobil 2.5 to the still stuck in development Terrafugia Transition. And, now Skyrunner enters this novel segment of gliding automobiles with its own trademark of funkiness. Clearly showcasing its all terrain vehicle (ATV) credentials with a revealing chassis, sharp angled body and substantial ground clearance, the Skyrunner will achieve its flight by utilizing a parachute system that would lift it over the ground level. And what’s more; the flying vehicle can totally eschew conventional airports in favor of fields, grasslands and even beaches, with the road to air transformation requiring just around three minutes.

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No terrain is in-conquerable for the Ziesel electric tank tread wheelchair

Ziesel electric tank wheelchair

Taking the wheelchair evolution to a whole new level, The Ziesel by Mattro changes the way we are accustomed to look and believe about wheelchairs. A no holds barred sports-vehicle driven by an electric motor having lithium-ion batteries, this wheelchair in-fact is way too cool for anybody riding it around the year, in any type of rugged environment be it snow, rain, sand, grass or mud. Having a 4-seasonal rubber track for movement, the muscle wheelchair has high traction and low ground pressure for maximum stability and the double-suspension arm chassis makes sure there is perfect traction for any situation. The variable driving modes of Ziesel ensure that you have horses for courses like functionality. To make things ultra-comfortable for the disabled person riding it there is high precision speed contingent steering system that can be controlled by a joystick.

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Homemade all-terrain vehicle isn’t afraid of thin ice underneath the wheels

Homemade all-terrain vehicle by Alexey Garagashyana

Walking or even driving on thin ice can be really dangerous and people living in the cold regions very well know the dangers when a lake gets covered in thin sheet of ice, seeming to the naked eye like solid ice. Many people lose their lives trying to walk or drive their vehicles on these hidden fatal tracks. It somehow reminds me of the series Ice Road truckers who risk their lives to move supplies forward to cut-off regions in their high-performance trucks but the unfortunate ones lose their lives. To counter this problem a chap called Alexey Garagashyana has come up with home-built all-terrain vehicle that can move swiftly on thin ice and if the ice under it does crumble then it can float and propel forward in chilling water too without drowning down deep. Complete with a powerful drivetrain for countering the elements of nature this DIY is truly remarkable in its own rights.
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Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle powered by an all-electric engine

Clearpath Robotics has designed an all-terrain utility vehicle called Grizzly which can take on the wrath of nature for any kind of agricultural, mining or military research. Grizzly is an all-electric vehicle which can carry any kind of payload to the most treacherous locations without much fuzz. The large ATV like robotic vehicle has 8 inch of ground clearance to move ahead without any problem and the huge 26” tires make sure that there is enough grip on the surface to carry extra weight of the payload weighing up to 600kg. Deemed as the largest all-terrain robot which combines the performance of a tractor and the accuracy in movement of a robot, Grizzly has a 80 horsepower engine with 4X4 electronic differential hurling it to a speed of 19 km/h. The front axle articulation of 16 degrees means that Grizzly can take on 6 inch obstacles without losing traction or getting even one single wheel off the ground.

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Trackar personal tracked transport vehicle can do everything from A-Z

Trackar is a result of the ideas propping up in the minds of quad and ATV racers, designers, mechanical engineers and others who always longed for an all-terrain vehicle that could be a way for future personal and recreation transportation. This personal tracked vehicle has a small footprint on the environment without compromise in freedom of movement an power that would get you out of chalk and cheese no matter what. Resembling a Segway scooter like standing position mobility, the Trackar is an all-terrain rescue, utility and power sports vehicle all combined in one. Having an unbeatable traction, Trackar can be used very efficiently in areas like agriculture, forestry, rescue services, snow maintenance, pulling, dragging, trailing and recreation without any hassles.

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Aerofex hover bike flies 15 feet in air with pilot’s movement at 50km/h

Modern day hover bikes are a real fad; you say you haven’t seen any besides the speeders in the Star Wars? Well don’t fret, a California based engineering company called Aerofex has developed a hover bike that does away with all the failures of the typically flying bikes and is finely tuned to balance itself on the movement of its rider, just like any two wheeler on road. The nimble flyer has had manned test flights of up to 15 feet at speeds of up to 50km/h, these flights carried out in Mojave Desert have been cautiously done and the true capabilities of the hover bike have not yet been reached. Read More…