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Ford’s Drug Driving Suit simulates the danger of stoned driving

Drug Driving Suit_2

Driving under the influence of drugs can be dangerous and even fatal at times. To show what influence drugs like cocaine, marijuana or heroin have on drivers, Ford has developed the Drug Driving Suit. This suit has been developed in association with scientists from the Meyer-Hentschel Institute in Germany to simulate the effect drugs have. The focus is on Hallucination and restricted body movement which adversely effects control of driver on the vehicle.
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Gesture-controlled car seat ensures ergonomic comfort with no effort at all

Gesture-controlled car seat

While driving all of like to adjust the seat to our ergonomic comfort and avoid any kind of straining to the back or shoulder muscles. This is even more important for professional drivers who have to sit for long hours in one seat without any break. Surely there are seat adjustments that can be explored, but only a few do that owing to their laziness. Maybe they wished that the seat could be adjusted with the wave of a hand.
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Robot crushes worker to death in Volkswagen factory in Germany

Volkswagon factory robot kills a man

It is really unfortunate; but given the number of robots making it to factories around the world, we’ll have to prepare ourselves for such fateful incidences. News is from Volkswagen’s second largest factory located at Baunatal, some 100 kilometers north of Frankfurt, where a robot has killed a worker. The robot reportedly grabbed the 21 year old employee and crushed him against a metal plate. Read More…

Batman v. Superman Lego Batmobile coming to Comic-Con

Lego batmobile Batman v. Superman

While you are preparing for the Comic-Con kicking off in San Diego on July 9, you must keep in mind that a new Lego Batmobile is going to be one of the main attractions there. Lego is preparing to unveil construction kit for a Batmobile designed after the caveman’s ride to be featured in Zack Snyder directed “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, scheduled to release on March 25, next year. The Lego Batmoble set comprises 306 pieces, and comes with pair of stud shooters, Batman minifig, two mysterious characters and an additional ride. Read More…

Lego F1 RC car inspired by Ferrari 248 makes me fall in love once again!

Lego Technic RC F1 Car by sariel

Lego Technic RC F1 Car by Sariel

Lego enthusiast Sariel is a pro when it comes to making replicas of automotive things, and his long list of DIY Lego projects proves the point all-right. This time he has invested his time in making a Lego Technic RC F1 Car, a replica of the very famous Ferrari 248 F1 car from 2006 Formula-1 season that was driven by the legend Michael Schumacher. Sariel who’s not that much of a Formula-1 fan, admitted that while making this Lego project he could not exactly replica the car, but also said that it is pretty close to the real thing.
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Batmobile for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie is one mean machine!

Batmobile for the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice movie at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas

Batmobile for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas

Official Trailer of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie got released last month and we were all waiting for drapes to come off the new beefed-up Batmobile. Well, that just happened at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas where Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) uncovered the Batmobile for the most anticipated movie for next year.

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You won’t believe what this Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle actually is!

Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle DIY

Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle

Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 has just hit the theatres and already it is turning out to be a money churner. Perhaps a perfect situation for Mighty Car Mods, who have created the most outrageously cool Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle that even the movie crew would be proud of. Blair “Moog” Jocylene and Martin “Marty” Mulholland, the two pillar stones of Mighty Car mods have put quite and effort in modifying a Nissan 240SX S15 Silvia into a zombie apocalypse vehicle that can survive even the worse.
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$36,000 jet-powered car is for one crazy, rich bragger

Pulsejet powered Lakester hot rod show car

Whenever one hears the word jet-powered, the first image that comes to mind is a vehicle racing past you at break-neck speed. This isn’t different either, and is definitely for ones who have uncontrollable desire for speed that can burn a hole in your pocket. Bob Maddox who is one crazy DIYer when it comes to jet-powered stuff has created a new jetpulse car dubbed by Bob as Pulsejet powered Lakester hot rod show car, that is inspired by the post war years.
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RC Lego Pagani Zonda is a supercar of the miniature world [W/Video]

When it comes to exotic supercars, Pagani Zonda made entirely from hand is right up there on the list with its high-tech chassis and vintage style interiors that are unmatchable. To make a replica of this phenomenal car is not that easy and building it entirely from non-modified Lego parts is simply awe-inspiring. As a part of inspiration for the Lego (The Motion Picture) Vehicle Design Contest, Sariel has built RC model of Pagani Zonda that has its own four Lego RC buggy motors with an all-wheel drive train fitted in an ultra-light body that has independent opening doors.
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Sector67′s Fauxrarri electric car bags the PPPRS Championship

We’ve seen all kinds of crazy contraptions from the decent world of DIYers but this Fauxrarri that bagged the $500 prize money at the electric power vehicle competition – the Power Racing Series (PPPRS), is something like we’ve not seen before. Built by members of the Sector67, the Sector67′s Fauxrarri doesn’t have much except the optima D51 yellow top battery and LEDs under the hood to show, but the electric car is impressive on the charging front. The Fauxrarri can be charged at any current limit, it can be recharged at 100A in 35 minutes. Read More…