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HP Powerup Backpack boasts 22,400 mAh battery backup for your devices

HP Powerup Backpack

The hunger of power sucking gadgets is now going to die any time soon, as long as humanity decides to go off the grid completely. That is why there is an endless list of power banks, battery packs and modern day gadgets which keep your gadgets charged to the brim. In this opportune market HP has come-up with their own iteration of a power bank for laptops, smartphones or any other mobile device that you own. HP Powerup Backpack looks like any other normal backpack on first look, but what’s on the inside makes it special.
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Pelican backpack collection with hard-side casing is perfect for adventurous expeditions

Want to go on adventure trips and expeditions with the fear that your backpack is not going to be good enough to take on the rough weather conditions? Well, worry no more because Pelican backpacks are here to take your supplies through rough adventure trips. The new collection of ProGear division backpacks include four models having hard-side Pelican cases embedded into the bodywork for more protection. Pelican deems this range of backpacks as the burliest ever backpacks built and one of them is the U100 Urban Elite Laptop Backpack that has solid poly case built which is waterproof for 30 minutes of underwater submerging.
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