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CES 2017: POP-I backpack having e-ink flexible display is what the new generation needs

POP-I backpack

Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has become the center stage for showcasing new technology, innovations and ideas that were unheard of before. This year at the electronics show so far, we have seen many eye-popping things. But this one was never even on our mind until we saw it. A backpack with an e-paper display to display the photo you like and show it off to the world. POP-I backpack has a 4.7-inch/10-inch e-paper screen and comes with a price tag of $99 – $399. Also, the accessory is available in canvas or leather make.
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Vacuum-sealable bags increase or decrease in size with what’s stored inside

increase-decrease bags by Casper Notenboom

Inspired by travel and mobility and troubled by the thought for how some Chinese carry and transport their belongings; design student Casper Notenboom developed a collection of Increase/Decrease bag that adapt size depending on what is stored inside them. Generally, we have different kinds of bags for various category of use. For instance, we have a laptop bag for office, a back pack for camping and a suitcase for business travels. With the idea to maximize movement of growth and shrinkage, Notenboom has arrived at bags that increase or decrease in size depending on its contents. Read More…

World’s first weight-reducing backpack features race car like suspension

Keep Pursuing Zero-G backpack-2

Travelling with a backpack packed in with a laptop, tablet and other accessories is such a norm these days. While the finest and lightest of bags out there only end up adding more weight (whatever little it may be), Keep Pursuing (KP) has developed what is billed as the world’s first weight-reducing backpack – yes, a backpack that is designed to make 20 pounds feel like 10. Read More…

Every bicycle rider should get this Reflective Bag & Backpack

Bookman Reflective Bag & Backpack_1

Bicycle riders are the most vulnerable when it comes to road accidents, especially in the dark hours. This can be attributed to poor visibility of the rider, lack of attention of other motorists or both. Along with the other bicycle accessories that help you keep safe on road, this backpack will ensure you are visible from a considerable distance. Reflective Bag & Backpack by Bookman developed in collaboration with Notabag is made from highly visible polyester material for urban commuters who like to use bike as their mode of transportation.
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Backpack that’ll save your life in case of building fire


Living in high rise buildings carries its own risks, such as a raging fire. In such situations every second counts and before you can plan an escape sequence, the next thing you know is you are stuck inside your room with no option but to jump from the window. That can be very scary and a desperate situation which has been seen in many high rise fires. People jump from their window and sadly most of the times it leads to fatalities. To be prepared for such situations Morris Shahbazi has come up with SkySaver Backpack which makes your escape from a multi-story building easy.
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Nike Rebento duffel – 3D printed sports bag for select Fifa World Cup players

Nike Rebento bag 3D printed chins

FIFA World Cup 2014 is just hours away from taking off and it doesn’t get bigger than this in the sporting arena. Nike has used this opportunity to put forth a 3D printed duffel bag that perfectly amalgamates sports, technology and fashion. Nike Rebento Duffel (Rebento is ‘explode’ in Portuguese) is so exclusive that it will be presented to just three players in the current World Cup; namely Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. Since the bag is 3D printed it is lightweight and has a durable flex structure for any kind of environment or usage.

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iBag curbs your spending habits by locking itself

iBag money curbing solution

It is human instinct to spend money like a king, if you have it in the bag. The impulsive desire to purchase something when there is enough moolah in the pocket is very hard to control for some and that is why solutions like Living Wallet for men propped-up in the cloud. And going by the same theme guys over at Credit Card Finder have come up with an iBag for ladies that keeps a curb on their desire to spend more. The bag gets active in last weeks of the month, or when the cash is running out in the iBag itself, and when you are in shopping danger zone iBag lights-up LED warning signals triggering by GPS chip. Even then if you can’t control the urge to buy, the bag automatically tracks the wallet being taken out and sends SMS message to the person you have chosen as the ‘responsible other’.
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Defender anti-theft backpack is a secure vault while travelling

Defender anti-theft backpack

Your backpack can have a lot of valuables inside it and there are many anti-social elements that have an eye on it, lurking for every possible chance to get a hand inside your backpack in crowded places. To counter this, Tania Blanco from Spain has put up her innovative backpack on Quirky and calls it Defender anti-theft backpack that has been designed very tactically to wrong foot any thief who will be taken aback if he/she initiates any attempt to steal your valuables. First up the backpack has zipper on the back-facing panel and each of the two side pockets is covered with noisy Velcro strap to warn the wearer of the backpack of any unauthorized peeking.
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Exclusive Time Machine Susan Clutch comes with a vintage pre-war Rolex pocket watch

Time Machine Susan Clutch by Bamford Watch Department and Corto Moltedo

Bamford Watch Department and Corto Moltedo have created an exquisite timepiece for geeky women who like to show off their plush accessories. The Time Machine Susan Clutch doubles as a trendy clutch and a watch too for the most demanding women and will come in an exclusive limited edition of 5 pieces only. The inspiration for this high-end clutch comes from the heritage of Sherlock Holmes and James Joyce and the black PVD coatings and custom Rolex pocket watch further amplify that fact. The Rolex watch used for this timeless masterpiece has been picked up from the pre-war vintage collection of British Army and then modded with PVD coating and yellow detailing to compliment the brand’s legacy.

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