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Russian engineer modifies a family car into this monster Batmobile

Monster Batmobile

As geeks, we are accustomed to see out of the ordinary Batmobiles crafted by creative people all by themselves. This one is one ideal for the elite club of “I Want Those Wheels” and perhaps a ride Batman would want to ride himself. Perfect mixture of a monster truck and intimidating looking Batman’s ride, it is the work of Igor Sukhorukov, a Russian engineer from Biysk. Build from an old Nissan Maxima, the family car got an unrecognizable makeover having big monster wheels and the look of a mean machine that means business. Interestingly, Igor has got all the paperwork to make this road legal and is free to drive it around on Russian roads, surprising people passing by.
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Buy the original 1989 Batmobile for $1.1 million and drive it crazy

Orignal Batmobile for sale

Making a Batmobile sure takes guts and a lot of time. Probably that is why die hard Batman fans make their own custom Batmobile which is inspired by the ones shown in movies. But it is one thing creating your own Batmobile and owning the original car. Original Batman director Tim Burton’s Batmobile driven by Michael Keaton in the 1989 movie is now up for sale at a staggering price tag of $1.1 million. This stunning car powered by a big block 7.5 liter V8 engine has already driven 22,600 km on road and it is left to your guts if you can take it to a top speed of 156 mph assisted by 550 horsepower.
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Homemade Batmobile by a vetran is fit for Gotham City

Custom made Batmobile by Rod Warkentin_3

Rod Warkentin is a big fan of Batman and his Batmobile ever since he watched the gripping TV series and movie. That was when he decided to have his own Batmobile at 13 years old because it was too cool. Four decades from then, Rod lives his dream in a self-made Batmobile. Putting in almost a year of research on how to make this custom car and almost 300-350 hours on creating it. Rod used a 1979 Lincoln Town Car as the base for his Batmobile and after ripping everything apart started working on it from scratch. In fact he zeroed it down to the chassis and drive train.
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Batmobile PC Case themed on Batman v Superman movie

Batmobile PC Case

Look at this cool Batmobile and you won’t believe what it actually is. A PC case to be precise. Yes folks this PC case mod is insane and has been created as a part of the MSI challenge to build a Batman-themed case mod. Made from scratch, this machine looks strikingly close to the real Batmobile Tumbler featured in Batman V Superman movie. This is work of [Thechoozen] and his friends’ who have created this case from scratch and boy have they done a good job of it.
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Batmobile suitcase complete with machine guns is all your kid ever wanted

Batmobile suitcase-1

Your batman friendly kid finally has a way to carry his favorite goodies. A Hong Kong-based manufacturer has come up with a super cute, super attractive batmobile-inspired suitcase your kid is not going be without after this. Based on the Batmobile to be featured in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie, the batsuitcase (as they call it) is immensely detailed and looks if it’s been stolen out off the movie itself. Read More…

Custom-build Batmobile Casket for ailing kid that’ll put you to tears

Batmobile Casket for Andrew Peck

Christmas last month was very festive and there was a lot of stuff that we came across since we are the geeky lot. There were DIY’s and other gadgets which make Christmas a lot more special. One of the things we always like to write about are gifts from loved ones to their kids. But why are we talking about Christmas right now? Because we missed this gift from a grandmother to her special grandson.
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1966 Batmobile designer George Barris laid to rest in Batmobile coffin


Batmobile coffin

How many people have had the honor to be buried in their own creations? Proudly, legendary Hollywood car customizer George Barris is one of the very few. Barris, responsible for designing the 1966 Batmobile (driven by Adam West in the ’66 “Batman” TV series) was recently laid to rest in a customized Batmobile coffin (inspired by his very own creation) at Forest Lawn in Los Angeles. Most of us would still remember the iconic ’66 Batmobile that we grew up watching, Barris was the man behind it and he certainly deserved this iconic farewell. Read More…

Lucky nerd gets his own custom-designed Arkham Knight Batmobile

Arkham Knight Batmobile

As a part of the PlayStation Bundle Sweep Stakes competition a lucky Batman: Arkham Knight fan was going to be rewarded with one of a kind Mini-Batmobile along with PS4 Arkham Knight Bundle. And that lucky fan just couldn’t believe when he finally got his hands on the one-off custom designed Arkham Kight Batmobile. Meet Francis, a system engineer from San Diego CA who might be the luckiest video game fan on this planet to drive the crime fighting machine in a mini version.
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Chance to buy a Batmobile Tumbler or 1966 Batmobile

Batmobile up for sale

Batman’s rides have always carried their weight in gold for their sheer face value. The ultra-futuristic vehicles that assist superhero of Gotham City in getting rid of crime the unofficial way. It is one thing seeing it in the Batman series or movies, and completely another owning one. Well, today is your lucky day if you have a fat pocket and liking for Batmobiles. Two separate Batmobiles from completely different eras are up for sale and your can make you choice.
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Life-size Lego Batmobile crafted from half a million Lego bricks

Lego Batmobile by Nathan Sawaya

Lego Batmobile by Nathan Sawaya

New York-based Lego artist Nathan Sawaya has been fashioning Lego creations for 10 years now, and his love for Lego artwork provides him a medium to channel his creativity when he is not a corporate lawyer. His best master-piece yet just got revealed and it draws inspiration from Batman’s famous ride, the Batmobile. It is not surprising that someone has made a full-sized replica of Batman’s crime fighting machine, but mind-you it is the first time one has crafted a Lego Batmobile of such huge proportions. To make this 18-feet long Batmobile sculpture, Sawaya took help from acclaimed DC Entertainment Co-publisher and artist Jim Lee.
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