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Lucky nerd gets his own custom-designed Arkham Knight Batmobile

Arkham Knight Batmobile

As a part of the PlayStation Bundle Sweep Stakes competition a lucky Batman: Arkham Knight fan was going to be rewarded with one of a kind Mini-Batmobile along with PS4 Arkham Knight Bundle. And that lucky fan just couldn’t believe when he finally got his hands on the one-off custom designed Arkham Kight Batmobile. Meet Francis, a system engineer from San Diego CA who might be the luckiest video game fan on this planet to drive the crime fighting machine in a mini version.
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Chance to buy a Batmobile Tumbler or 1966 Batmobile

Batmobile up for sale

Batman’s rides have always carried their weight in gold for their sheer face value. The ultra-futuristic vehicles that assist superhero of Gotham City in getting rid of crime the unofficial way. It is one thing seeing it in the Batman series or movies, and completely another owning one. Well, today is your lucky day if you have a fat pocket and liking for Batmobiles. Two separate Batmobiles from completely different eras are up for sale and your can make you choice.
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Life-size Lego Batmobile crafted from half a million Lego bricks

Lego Batmobile by Nathan Sawaya

Lego Batmobile by Nathan Sawaya

New York-based Lego artist Nathan Sawaya has been fashioning Lego creations for 10 years now, and his love for Lego artwork provides him a medium to channel his creativity when he is not a corporate lawyer. His best master-piece yet just got revealed and it draws inspiration from Batman’s famous ride, the Batmobile. It is not surprising that someone has made a full-sized replica of Batman’s crime fighting machine, but mind-you it is the first time one has crafted a Lego Batmobile of such huge proportions. To make this 18-feet long Batmobile sculpture, Sawaya took help from acclaimed DC Entertainment Co-publisher and artist Jim Lee.
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This 3D printed Batmobile makes RC cars look average

3D printed Batmobile replica

3D printed Batmobile replica

Accept it or not; Batman is our favorite superhero, simply because he is so cool and has an impressive ride of his own. Yes, the Batmobile which everyone wants to own, but only a few can make and flaunt. Hector N Gama (Youtube user) is no different and his love for 3D printing and Batmobile has resulted in this 30” replica of the iconic 1989 Batmobile. He had to take visual reference from images and the model kits purchased from local store, and in the end this car replica turned out to be quite impressive.
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Lego Batmobile made from cardboard attracts attention at the Red Bull Soapbox Race 2015

Lego Batmobile You Gotham Be Kidding Me Red Bull Soapbox Race 2015

Lego Batmobile designed for the Red Bull Soapbox Race 2015

Red Bull Soapbox Race 2015 held at Alexandra Palace this Sunday had some really different homemade karts race the streets of London. Almost 20,000 spectators came to see the event which features wacky cars and people driving them in totally offbeat costumes. One Soapbox racer that caught our eye was a cool Batmobile that looked like Lego.
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Batman v. Superman Lego Batmobile coming to Comic-Con

Lego batmobile Batman v. Superman

While you are preparing for the Comic-Con kicking off in San Diego on July 9, you must keep in mind that a new Lego Batmobile is going to be one of the main attractions there. Lego is preparing to unveil construction kit for a Batmobile designed after the caveman’s ride to be featured in Zack Snyder directed “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, scheduled to release on March 25, next year. The Lego Batmoble set comprises 306 pieces, and comes with pair of stud shooters, Batman minifig, two mysterious characters and an additional ride. Read More…

This custom-built Batmobile trike motorcycle is just extraordinary [In Pictures]


For a nostalgic ride on a caveman’s bike, Game Over Cycles has come up with an awe-inspiring Batmobile trike that from the very looks resembles the extraordinary Batmobile from the Batman and Batman Returns of 1989 and 1992 respectively. Game Over Cycles, for anyone who isn’t aware, is a vintage car and motorcycle customization shop based in Poland. According to Game Over Cycles the Batmobile motorcycle is not yet completed. It’s fitted in with an Audi 3.7l V8 engine, has a DAKOTA electronic display and measures 4,45m long, 2.08m wide and 1.35 m. The motorbike will get wings and new suspension before it is finally ready. Hit the jump to see eye-catching images of the motorcycle below. Read More…

Batmobile for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie is one mean machine!

Batmobile for the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice movie at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas

Batmobile for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas

Official Trailer of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie got released last month and we were all waiting for drapes to come off the new beefed-up Batmobile. Well, that just happened at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas where Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) uncovered the Batmobile for the most anticipated movie for next year.

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Crazy Case Batmobile – Cool looking case cover for your iPhone 6

Crazy Case Batmobile case cover for your iPhone 6

Got bored with the usual iPhone 6 cases out there? Then you got to consider draping your Apple iPhone 6 in this Batmobile Tumblr case by Bandai from Japan, who have made such cool cases for iPhone 5/5S too. Similar to the Bandai iPhone 5/5S case, the Batmobile iPhone 6 case has a really cool look and comes with nifty changes and additions when compared to previous versions. Dubbed as Crazy Case Batmobile, this iPhone 6 case lends your smartphone a very cool look and premium protection.
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Tumbler Batmobile baby stroller for your superhero kid

Batmobile baby stroller

We are all obsessed with superheroes, and in particular Batman and his Batmobile saving Gotham city from evil. No wonder there have been many Batmobile DIY’s by people all around the world trying to emulate the superheroes ride to perfection. This time around it’s kind of cute, as Tim Baker (Hollywood prop designer) and his friends make a Tumbler Batmobile (from Batman begins/Dark Knight movie) which is a baby stroller. Now your little one is going to love this superhero treatment as you go strolling in the park and on-lookers are flabbergasted by your cute superhero.
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