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Heartbeat-powered, Swiss watch-style device will power pacemakers of tomorrow


watch like pacemaker battery

On the tune of automatic watches that harvest power from movement of the wrist, researchers have developed a wristwatch-style device, which will power pacemakers by drawing power from the heart itself. The smartwatch-style device is created by two researchers – Andreas Haeberlin and Adrian Zurbuchen from the University of Bern and Michigan respectively. Read More…

Newly developed bacteria-powered battery to make disposable, standalone papertronics a reality

Bacteri-powered paper battery
Self-powered papertronics development is in infancy because the energy sources put a limit on it. To deal with it, paper-batteries are being extensively researched to explore full potential of the technology. In a similar attempt, researchers at the Binghamton University, State University of New York, has developed a paper battery that is powered by bacteria by harnessing its cellular respiration as energy.
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British researchers developing super-efficient battery of the future

Battery charging

Time has come when battery power is going to be one of your basic need, owing to the amount of time we spend with our gadgets. The craving to develop a battery source which lasts longer and requires far less time to charge is paramount. Researchers around the globe have been trying desperately to find that magic material which makes current battery charging methods look trivial.
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iPhone 7 might get 1960mAh battery, 15 percent larger than in iPhone 6s


There is no word from Apple on the forthcoming iPhone 7, yet, there are so many features we are already guessing the new iPhone will come packed with. One of the most important being a similar design to iPhone 6s sans headphone jack. That said, the iPhone 7 is expected to feature a bigger battery claims Apple leakster OnLeaks, who alleges the iPhone 7 will feature a 1960mAh battery. For comparison, the iPhone 6s has a 1715mAh battery. Read More…

Huawei’s quick charging Lithium-ion battery juices-up 10 times faster

Huawei quick charging battery technology

The need for higher capacity, quick charging batteries has become a major quest for electronics manufacturers. In particular smartphone manufacturers who want to develop smartphones with quick charging, higher capacity batteries that’ll give them an edge over the competition. In this context, Huawei has been developing a lithium-ion battery that charges in just a few minutes. They showed-off this new kind of battery at the 56th Battery Symposium in Japan and it promises a lot for the coming future of mobile devices.
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Acer Aspire Z3-700 all-in-one PC wants to be a 17-inch tablet


When Window 10 hardware market is stuffed with most amazing of hardware, including recently released Microsoft Surface Book; what do you do to standout as a third-party OEM? If you’re Acer, you stuff in an all-in-one computer with a battery and make it portable. At a Windows 10 event in Grand Hyatt in Taipei, Taiwan, Acer unveiled the Aspire Z3-700 all-in-one PC that features a battery onboard. Dell and Lenovo have already pioneered the technique in their system, but Acer’s 17.3-inch PC with full-HD (1920 X 1080) display stands out in its own right. Read More…

Researchers develop Android application that boosts battery life by 15 percent

Purdue University Android app Hush

All that our smartphone provides us with all day long, it take a toll on the battery backup of the device. And just for the records, even when you are not using your phone, the apps keep draining your battery. Sadly, almost half of the battery drain in sleep mode when the screen is off, takes place due to background processes that are hard to identify. This happens because of the apps in the background that start their processes, thereby assisting in battery drain.
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Solar-powered aqueous flow battery is 20 percent more efficient than present batteries

aqueous solar flow battery

Solar-powered batteries could make juicing up our power hungry devices of the future more convenient and speedier. While there are many engineers working on efficient batteries, two researchers at the Ohio State University have prepped up a solar battery with new capabilities. PhD students Billy McCulloch and Mingzhe Yu, have been working consistently at improving a solar air battery they unveiled last year. In their new study, the duo believes they have reached a new milestone with their battery called the ‘aqueous solar flow battery.’ Using solar power on their aqueous flow battery (which has water circulating inside it) the researchers have made the battery 20 percent more efficient in comparison to the currently available lithium-iodine batteries. Read More…

Samsung working on Li-ion batteries with twice the battery life


Samsung smartphones don’t have the best of batteries that promise to last beyond a day. Thankfully a new study claims researchers at Samsung are working on lithium-ion batteries that could keep your Samsung phone charged for twice the time than currently possible. Surely, the novel battery isn’t making into the flagship Galaxy S7 since the technology is still work-in-progress, but if all goes as planned; the batteries could soon find their way into the forthcoming Samsung phones. Samsung is confident that new batteries can be a commercially viable alternative. Read More…

Revolutionary gadget that extends disposable battery life by 800 percent!

Batteriser battery power enhancing gadget

It will come as a surprise if I told you that the standard alkaline batteries that you use have almost 80% battery life in them before them are rendered unusable. But this fact is true and the single AA or AAA battery that you buy for your gadgets and accessories dies well before it is intended to. The reason being the drop in voltage of the battery from 1.5 volts to well below 1 volts with usage. This drop in current is considered as an indication of a dead battery by the device you are using the battery for and the consequence, well the battery goes into the trash can!
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