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Smart Bandage capable of detecting bedsores at a very early stage

Smart Bandage that detects bedsores and ulcers UC Berkeley

Bedsores and ulcers can be a real irritation for bed-ridden people, and they are very painful indeed. To counter this problem Engineers at UC Berkeley and researchers at UCSF are in the phase of developing a Smart Bandage that detects underlying development of bedsores at a very early stage. The development of this Smart Bandage is undertaken by UC Berkeley researchers who devised the software and hardware of the bandage, while UCSF carried out all the initial animal trials. Smart Bandage uses electrical signals (impedance spectroscopy) to detect tissue development under the skin for curing bedsores or ulcers at their root level.
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The advanced MAP system detects vicious bedsores, and alerts us visually

MAP system

With this year’s CES exhibiting its fair share of personalized monitoring systems, the field of digital health has certainly come into the limelight. However, this time around, things go from a personal front to a more collective scope with the MAP (Monitor Alert Protect) system. Created by Israeli medical company Wellsense, the MAP is envisaged as the world’s very first continuous bedside monitoring device that senses our pressure points when we are lying on bed. These so-called pressure points if undetected might result in bedsores, which are injuries to skins (and tissues) resulting from the impact of extended pressure when a patient is confined to his/her bed. Suffice it to say, the MAP is aimed towards hospitals, and many clients including Minnesota’s renowned Mayo Clinic has come forth to adopt the system.

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