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BEE-R GOGGLES virtual reality headset for beer lovers

BEE-R GOGGLES VR headset for Beer lovers

VR is good, but some people make it go too far. To the limit that is not required and is absolute waste of effort. How you perceive this wearable technology application depends on what’s your perspective, but for me this is sheer comic book stuff. Joseph Davies has created the BEE-R Goggles, specifically for the beer lovers who can’t get enough of the frizz. In fact this is perfect for people who want beer all over their vision as they drink it from their glass.
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Google’s voice-translation enabled Fridge gives out beer for free [Video]

It maybe publicity stunt, but it bloody well is good use of technology. If you’re in Canada, it’s time for you to brush up your language skills to get some free Molson Canadian beer. Thinking Box and Google have collaborated to develop Global Beer Fridge that features Google’s voice translation technology. The refrigerator requires people to talk right into it saying, “I am Canadian” [famous slogan from Molson Canadian commercial] in any six languages out of 40 languages the appliance understands. When six languages match, the fridge automatically opens to serve cool beer for free. Read More…

Amstel Pause – Free beer for doing absolutely nothing at all!

Amstel Pause free beer

Your life is busy all-right, with hundred things on your mind that weight you down heavily. Not even the time to relax for a bit and contemplate what’s really going on. Well, taking this factor into consideration, Amstel (beer brand) is using a clever advertising campaign to strengthen its brand name. For this they have put up a machine called Amstel Pause, on a street called Sofia in Bulgaria which lures-in passers-by to grab a free beer for simply doing nothing for a duration of three minutes. Yes, you heard it right, free beer for just taking a break from your busy lifestyle.
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Watch online movie just by tapping beer bottle on your gadget

movie unlocker

Tap beer bottle and unlock online movies

How about tapping an empty beer bottle to your mobile device or laptop and in return getting to watch a cool movie? Does that sound realistically impossible? Then you ought to be surprised as Aleksandr Semenov, the CEO of Russian design studio Heads and Hands has come up with a unique way to unlock movies that otherwise cannot be viewed. Taking advantage of Bluetooth beacon technology dubbed as iBeacon in conjunction with Movie Unlocker app, the movie can be unlocked by bringing the Grolsch beer bottle near your Bluetooth enabled devices. People who drink Grolsch beer with the embedded beacon under the cap emits a Bluetooth signal and sends a request to the server to unlock the movie.

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Koolernaut cools down your beer and displays current temperature

Koolernaut beer cooler

Do you like your beer chilled and just at the right kind of temperature to enjoy? But when you drink it, either it is too chilled or not cold enough to enjoy taste of the malt? Then you need to get yourself a Koolernaut. This casing for your beer not only keeps it chilling cold but also shows the current temperature on the digital display. So if your beer is not cold enough you can wait for the ice puck filled with freezable non-toxic gel to cool it down.
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Chill your beer in less than a minute with Spin Chill

Spin Chill beer chilling device

Beer tastes best when it is chilled and if you have a can of beer that is in normal room temperature you’ll have to freeze it in the refrigerator for at-least 10—15 minutes before it is chilled again. But all that is set to change as now you can reduce that time to almost 30-60 seconds using the Spin Chill. Using a very age old technique of spinning the beer can inside ice to obtain cooling effect, this project has been successfully funded on Kickstarter even before the stipulated limit. No wonder people have funded this project as they would give anything to have chilled beer cans within a minute’s time at maximum. Made from 3D printing technique the initial design of the device looks like a drill with suction cap on the top, but that very cap holds the beer can in place for spinning action.
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Make foamy beer anytime anywhere with Body Bubble

Body Bubble

Do you like your chilled beer with creamy foam filled to the brim as you go on sipping it? Then there is going to be a smile on your face after reading on. A small little gadget that can make creamy bubbles for your beer inside a big mug or can, anytime anywhere. Body bubble by Greenhouse is made from ABS plastic, aluminum and silicon making it durable enough to serve your rich, creamy beer for a long-long time. Body Bubble runs on two batteries and runs for almost 3 hours 30 minutes which should be enough to serve you hundreds of foamy beer. Body Bubble costs 2980 Japanese Yen ($31) and is available now for purchase.
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Chocolate beer served in edible chocolate glass is perfect gift this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better to gift your other significant half than a beer chocolate with a glass made of chocolate that can be eaten when you finish the drink. Launched in a Limited Edition of 500, the set has one 300 mL Imperial Chocolate Stout beer in chocolate flavor and a chocolate glass made by St. Gallen to compliment the flavor. The chocolate glass is specially designed to melt in your mouth and not while you are holding it. The raw material for making this beer is chocolate malt which is roasted hot to emulsify the flavors in the beer and the chocolate used is 2.5 times more than used in normal dark beer.

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PortaKeg keeps your beer ice chilled in any environment and can be taken anywhere

Want to enjoy cold draft beer anywhere anytime without the need to carry a clumsy dolly for moving your kegs around? Especially when you want to enjoy your weekends camping or partying in your farmhouse? Well then PortaKeg – Portable Draft Beer System is here to help you out as it is more convenient to move around and far less expensive than other options available. Team of Albert, Todd, Mark and Ray are determined to bring mobile cold beer to the masses as they look to raise $50,000 on Indiegogo for pushing PortaKeg into production. PortaKeg is made from rugged and lightweight plastic powered by a small carbon dioxide tank for dispensing beer anytime, anywhere.
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