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Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com testing delivery drones outside Beijing

JD.com delivery drones-1

After Japanese delivery service Rakuten and San Francisco based startup Zipline, Chinese e-commerce company JD.com has launched consumer goods delivery trial using drones. The company has begun testing delivery using drones in rural locations outside the capital city of Beijing. According to different claims by different websites, JD.com has started trails with either five or 30 drone fleet. Read More…

Amazing Friendly Robot made from scrap by poor school dropout

Friendly robot made from scrap

Tao Xiangii from Anhui province, Beijing has made a human sized robot that he calls a Friendly Robot costing tens of thousands of Yuan at home and he is no more than a fifth grader as he dropped out of school early. He has been making this robot from used parts since 2010 and the real assembly of the robot took him a pain staking one year. None of the parts of this 2 meter tall and 90 cm wide robot which has 100 motors, 200 switches and over 4000 wired connections were welded rather they were secured together with screws. The robot is capable of opening and closing hands actuated by motors and incredibly can tighten or weaken the grip too.
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Citizen scientists in Beijing will monitor city’s air quality with Pollution sensing kites

While quality of air is a severe predicament around the world, in Chinese the problem is really serious. The Government of China may refrain from releasing data about air quality in Chinese cities but the fact that air quality in Beijing is a grave problem isn’t hidden from anyone. Thus, with the innovative project called FLOAT Beijing, being carried out by a duo of Carnegie Mellon University graduates, Deren Guler and Xiaowei Wang, citizen scientists in Beijing will now monitor the perishing air quality themselves with pollution sensing kites. Read More…