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These 16 trendy accessories will keep cyclists safe on road

Shiva helmet

When you’re riding a cycle on street, you share the space with cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses, pedestrians and other cyclists of course. When you see the danger on road, you can avoid it, or at least manage to keep yourself safe by reacting in time. The real problem is when you cannot see the danger, that’s when you need cycling gear that can keep you safe from most potential dangers on road. So, if you’re a daredevil rider, or a safety first kinda cyclists, here are sixteen trendy bike accessories to keep you safe while riding. Read More…

Solar-powered wristband for cyclists glows to indicate direction

Intelligent-blinker_EPFL wristband

Safety on roads is a concern for cyclists, especially in the dark and in bad weather when visibility is very low. There are fancy safety gears for everyday cyclists, such as the  LED glow gloves, but there is certainly scope for more. To fill the slot, five PhD students from Electronics Laboratory (ELab) at EPFL have designed and developed a solar-powered wristband which glows when cyclist extends his/her arm to indicate a turn. Read More…

LED Globe Gloves glow to signal your next move on the bike

DOPPELGANGER LED Globe Gloves for bikers

When riding a bike, the most instinctive way to signal the vehicle behind you is to wave the hand out in the direction you’re turning. Or more lately, you can use the rear bike light to indicate. But if you wish to be a tad cheeky, you can take home the LED Globe Gloves DA050GL/DA051GL from DOPPELGANGER in Japan.  The glove is embedded with a LED light which glows on a press of a button. The operating button (used to switch the light on/off or in blinking mode) is well placed on inner side of the glove towards the thumb, so you can press it without removing the hand from the handle, and ne able to signal your next move to the other vehicles on road. Read More…