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These 16 trendy accessories will keep cyclists safe on road

Shiva helmet

When you’re riding a cycle on street, you share the space with cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses, pedestrians and other cyclists of course. When you see the danger on road, you can avoid it, or at least manage to keep yourself safe by reacting in time. The real problem is when you cannot see the danger, that’s when you need cycling gear that can keep you safe from most potential dangers on road. So, if you’re a daredevil rider, or a safety first kinda cyclists, here are sixteen trendy bike accessories to keep you safe while riding. Read More…

Lumos Bicycle Helmet with signal lights will keep you safe on the road

Lumos Bicycle helmet

Safety for cyclists on the road is important, since major percentage of road fatalities around the globe occur with bike riders. Commuting on busy city streets comes with its own set of dangers for bike riders, so it is wise to employ every possible safety measure, especially in the dark hours. Bottom line is, you need to be seen clearly on the road by other motorists to avert any accidents.

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Smart Hat is a hi-tech concept helmet for responsible cyclists

Smart Hat concept by Toby King

Sydney-based designer Toby King has come up with an innovative concept helmet for cyclists. Christened Smart Hat, and promoted with the tagline ‘For Responsible Cyclists’, the concept helmet has been designed to considerably increase rider safety. Not only that, it will also address some of the more provocative issues between cyclists, pedestrians and road users. The Smart Hat incorporates a machine-readable license plate on the rear so that they can be easily identified by the existing CCTV and road cameras. Offering ultimate safety and comfort to the rider, the Smart Hat helmet comes equipped with indicators, brake lights, headlight, camera, drop down visor and a wiper system.
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Intel teams up with Oregon State University students to create a smart helmet

Smart helmet by Oregon State University & Intel

Intel have partnered with students at Oregon State University to create a smart safety helmet for cyclists. Referred as black box helmet, the built-in sensors record data and happenings during the crash. It is connected to a smartphone and comes equipped with accelerometers, above-the-ear speakers, a microphone, an LED headlamp and a 3.7V, 2600mAh lithium-ion battery to offer information to the rider. In case of an accident, it can make emergency calls on the behalf of the cyclist and can also assist the medical authorities by providing them the recorded data.
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Morpher helmet for biking can be folded to be carried in your bag

Morpher helmet by Jeff Woolf Biking has become a thriving activity for many Britishers, especially after the introduction of Boris Bikes in London and the British exploits in Tour De France. However, while such human powered transportation is good for your health, there are always those potential risks of heavy and even fatal injuries due to avoidance of wearing helmets. Quite unfortunately, statistical figures for London say that around a whopping 93 percent of people who hire bikes don’t wear helmets. Another related report conducted in US states that more than 90 per cent of biking fatalities comprised of cyclists who didn’t wear helmets. So what exactly prevents people from wearing the helmets? Well, the general answer from many cyclists was simple – conventional helmets are too bulky to carry around. Well, inventor extraordinaire Jeff Woolf has ingeniously found a way that works around this cumbersome ‘bulkiness’. He has designed the Morpher Helmet, a contrivance that can be easily flattened and then folded to be carried in a small bag.

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Forefront is lightest bike helmet with superstrong ventilated protection foam

Smith Optics Forefront bike helmet

When it comes to helmets, there is no dearth of creativity. We have seen all sorts of innovative, functional and comfortable helmets but all of them have the same hard unventilated material. Now with a vision to make helmets more airy, Smith Optics has revealed the first glimpse of a special helmet made for mountain biking. Dubbed the Forefront, the helmet is built to be the lightest helmet spec’d at 285 grams and is made with a patented new material called Koroyd which promises to provide riders ventilated all-mountain protection that no other bicycle helmet dares to. Read More…

ZipShell bike helmet retracts to half its size for easy storage

ZipShell bike helmet

Bike helmet protects your head from fatal injuries but it has flip side also, it is too bulky to carry around with you at all times. To solve this predicament a new kind of innovative bike helmet that retracts to 50% of its original size is here for trendy geeks. Dubbed as ZipShell, this bike helmet is good on all counts namely; functionality, fashion quotient or comfort of wearing on those hot days. When you don’t want to use ZipShell, simply unzip it and the top half of this helmet nests into itself, virtually becoming half the original size. Made from plastic inner shell, the helmet has foam protection to ensure you don’t pop up your head like a marshmallow. When in use the size of this helmet is 9”x11”x6” and when not in use, the top half of the helmet is almost negligible making it easy to carry around in a bag.
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Receptor BUG Communication helmet with built-in Beats headphones by Dr. Dre

So you are driving in your bike and a call comes up on your smartphone, forcing you to either stop driving or go for a much riskier option of continuing driving as you take up the call holding the phone in one hand. Alright let’s take another scenario where you wished that the helmet had a built-in headphone or earphone set that you can plug into your ears anytime without any hassles. The solution to all your predicaments and wishes is here and goes by the name Receptor BUG Communication. A helmet with headphones built into the neck roll so that you can take up calls, adjust the volume, change song and everything else as you go on driving your vehicle.
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Kranium cardboard helmet has more protection than your standard ones

Under normal circumstances you would want a helmet that would protect your head no matter how hard the impact is in case of an accident. But would you put your money on a cardboard helmet to protect you? I’m pretty sure you would have dropping jaws just at the thought of it. Although hard to believe but Abus has created an urban hard shell helmet called Kranium that has liner made from corrugated cardboard. If you were a little skeptical about the utility of this helmet then you’ll be surprised to know that it can absorb two to three times more impact shock than other helmets in the European helmet standards criterion.
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BikeLink helmet lighting system increase visibility and safety for motorcyclists

Unless you are fond of riding your bike into the Death Valley you’ll need some kind of a safety device to keep yourself secure on road. Well, what batter than the BikeLink, an advanced electronic helmet lighting system that lights up to increase visibility and safety on road. The BikeLink connects transmitter to a motorcycle’s wiring harness and attaches easily to a rider’s helmet using a strong, weatherproof rubber adhesive pad. Read More…