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Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt monitors health during athletic activates

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt

US Open 2014 is just about to get underway and we will see a glimpse of the new revolutionary Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt which defines the epitome of wearable technology in a fashion-forward way. This advanced t-shirt has electrocardiogram and breathing sensors knitted into the fabric which aid in reading the biological and physiological information to give very accurate detail of your current body physics on your smartphone via an app. The Polo Tech shirt has been developed in association with Canadian-based OMsignal who have a team of expert neuroscience sports medicine and engineering personnel at their disposal.
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CES 2013: Neusoft Automotive’s steering wheel with biometric sensors monitors driver’s health

Come CES 2013 and we’ll see some wonderful new consumer gadgets that we will buy throughout the coming year. Amid all the existing gadgets we’ll also see a steering wheel designed with biometric sensors by Neusoft Automotive in collaboration with Aerotel Medical Systems. The steering wheel with biometric sensors provides safety and health related data of drivers. The steering wheel is able to measure the heartbeat and blood oxygen saturation of the driver touching the (invisible sensor-enabled) steering wheel. This collected data will allow medics to understand the health status of the driver. Read More…