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Scientists develop heat-activated ‘bionic penile implant’ to treat erectile dysfunction

bionic-penis (1)
A new prosthesis is promising relief to patients of erectile dysfunction with their heat-activated penile implant. The US researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison claim to have completed successful testing of the implant. The team believes that it can offer betterment in quality of life to 50 percent of men between 40-70 years age group who suffer erectile dysfunction at one or other stage of their lives. Read More…

MAX – Flexible and lightweight exoskeleton promises bionic future

MAX exoskeleton_2

Exoskeletons give able mobility to the elderly and people employed in heavy manufacturing industry. But they can be bulky and complicated to use. To make more practical usability of exoskeletons and lend the users ease of use, MAX (Modular Agile eXoskeleton) system is here. This low cost exoskeleton promises ultra-mobility is specially designed for industries where workers have to be in a crouched position.
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Levitation bionic knee brace gives you added boost to perform better

Spring loaded technology Levitation bionic knee brace

Spring Loaded Technology’s Levitation bionic knee brace

Who would turn-down the option to get superhuman like boost while walking running, working-out or simply crouching? Practically no one, if it comes at an acceptable price. Spring Loaded Technology, the developer of Bionic Knee Brace which is primarily targeted for use in special operations has launched the commercial version of the prototype on Indiegogo, and surprisingly the funding goal has been achieved in just one day. Levitation is a light-weight bionic knee brace which stores energy when you bend the knee and releases it when you straighten it. The brace provides you with power that makes you feel 50-100 pounds lighter or in other words you can do more with this knee brace on.
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Spanish researchers developing bionic exoskeleton that adapts to growing kid

Bionic exoskeleton by Marsi Bionics

Exoskeletons are a great invention that combine robotics and medical science to help the disabled to walk. In this continuing effort by noble intellects around the globe, another chapter has just entered the book. Spanish scientists are looking to take their bionic exoskeleton to the next feasible level that will aid wheelchair dependent children to walk with freedom and help improve their lives. This consortium of researchers under Marsi-bionics is banking on crowdfunding phenomenon to help them achieve this dream as soon as possible.
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Spring loaded Bionic Knee Brace provides leg muscle strength when needed

Spring loaded Bionic Knee Brace

As we grow old, our knees tend to give way and lose their flexibility and strength. Now only age, but other factors like external injury or accident can hamper knee strength considerably with time. This can disrupt normal life in more ways that not and hence hamper the everyday freedom to walk, perform dexterous activities and sports performance in case of athletes. All that is set to change in the coming years as Spring Loaded Technology Inc., founded by Bob Garrish and Chris Cowper Smith is on its way towards a revolutionary wearable.
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You could soon be wearing Bionic Lenses that promise super-human vision

Ocumetics Bionic lenses

Can anything be better than 20/20 vision in human-beings? I’m sure you’ll safely say a “No” to that, but medical science and technological innovation is about to prove you wrong. Being able to see three times better than 20/20 vision criteria is what Dr. Garth Webb, a British optometrist has developed in his research facility, literally perfecting your vision at the age of 100 with a technologically advanced bionic lens. Far ahead of the contact lenses, this bionic lens will give the users super-human like vision.
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My Hand – A bionic hand that feels like a real limb

My Hand Bionic hand by Institute of Biorobotics

Scientists at the Institute of Biorobotics in Pisa, Italy headed by Christian Cipriani have developed a bionic hand that they call My Hand in short. Myoelectric-Hand Prosthesis project is aimed at making an artificial limb that looks very close to a real hand with the option of choosing skin tone and also functions like one. The brain-controlled prosthetic hand is made from silicon-coated exoskeleton that is supported by thin titanium sheets that weight somewhere around 7 ounces, making it a light-weight artificial hand. This project has huge potential and is funded by Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) for € 400,000.
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High school wizkid makes 3D printed prosthetic hand for 9-year old child

3D printed Prosthetic hand by Jason Wilde for Matthew

The best things in life are priceless and that is what a 9 year old Matthew just discovered. Suffering from a rare condition from birth called limb difference which left him without any fingers in one hand, the kid had to live with the questions that other peers asked him about his mutated hand. This was really bugging out his mother who could not even think of buying a commercial prosthetic hand that costs at least $18,000. But then they met family friend Mason Wilde, a 16 year old Louisburg High School junior from Kansas regarding the problem and the solution was to make a 3D printed prosthetic hand.

Image Credit

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DIY Cyborg wears chip implant that transmits his biometrical data to Android device

DIY Cyborg implants computer chip under the skin

The cyborg age is upon us, we say this without Halloween hangover. We say it because bio-hackers like Tim Cannon give us enough reasons to feel we’re almost close to the bionic world – future of man-machine integration. Tim has got what is the world’s first-ever computer chip implanted into his forearm. The chip dubbed Circadia 1.0 can record and transmit the German’s biometrical data to any Android-powered device. Circadia 1.0 is a combination of chip and wireless battery (charges via inductive charger) packed into a sealed box. Read More…

World’ first artificially created human being the Incredible Bionic Man

The Incredible Bionic Man

Science fiction has come one more step closer to reality as the world’s first bionic man made by London’s Shadow Robot Co. has been revealed at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum in Washington. This is one pioneering event in advanced robotics and this 6 foot tall bionic man weighing 77 kg that took three months to finish using almost $1 million funds is aptly tagged as the Incredible Bionic Man for its sheer realism as shown in some of the movies like iRobots. Made from a collection of functional artificially organs and prosthetic body parts like limbs, eyes, heart, lungs, pancreas, spleen, kidney and circulatory system donated by laboratories worldwide together into one frame. The robot has the personality of a 13 year old boy from Ukraine who is an irritating chap to converse with, courtesy a sophisticated chat box program.
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