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Bitcoin Sound Wallet encrypts your secret keys on vinyl records

bitcoin sound wallet

Bitcoin is a 007 agent feeling for it’s all about secret keys, codes, encryption and anonymity. Send or receive money safely from any part of the world. Bitcoins are actually keys encrypted in codes. It doesn’t matter who has the access to your keys, they could drain all your wealth within a few seconds, and that sounds a very grievous trouble for digital currency users. Read More…

Best Bitcoin hacks you can’t miss

Bitcoin hacks

When Satoshi Nakamoto first introduced the concept of digital currency (cryptocurrency) dubbed Bitcoin, he himself would not have imagined it would become such a hit with the geek community. Since Bitcoin is such a popular service with users, it is bound to have its share of applications and gadgets that function on this digital currency. So what all can you do with Bitcoins, or perhaps develop things that function only when fed with Bitcoins? Amigos, here is a list of some of the major Bitcoin hacks that will amaze you to bits. After all it’s all about Bitcoin, and when things go digital the geek masses put their brains in overdrive to come up with some amazing hacks.
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