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Manchester University’s researcher develops low cost smart cane


Life for the visually impaired is very tough, and at times it can get relentless. Even for the family of the blind person, life is not the same. That is what Vasileios Tsormpatzoudis, a PhD student from the Manchester University’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. His mother has retinis pigmentosa (Hereditary eye disorder affecting the retina) and that affects her daily routine in more ways than not. This inspired the researcher to make a low-cost smart cane as a reliable mobility tool in daily life. And he like to call it mySmartCane.
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SmartCane uses ultrasonic waves to help visually impaired navigate better

SmartCane Rohan Paul

There are endless technologies being built to benefit the visually impaired. Yet, in developing countries like India, a majority of visually impaired still use the age old white cane to navigate. While the white cane is still effective at detecting objects at the ground level, it fails as an assistive tool when it comes to detecting objects above the waist. As a solution, an Indian robotics researcher and inventor, Dr Rohan Paul has designed and developed the SmartCane – a battery operated walking cane which uses ultrasonic waves to detect objects and obstacles between knee and head height of the user. Read More…

Toyota unveils voice-activated wearable device blind can wrap around the neck to navigate better

project blaid wearable device for visually impaired

We have seen many renowned manufacturers building assistive technologies for the visually impaired, and we have also seen DIY shoes, smart vest and apps to help blind live more independently. Now with the idea of making a difference in lives of partially sighted and blind people, Toyota has unveiled a wearable device which will help people find their way around obstacles more easily and with confidence. The device, called Project BLAID aims to fill the void left by canes and GPS assisted devices and aid the blind to move about with lot of ease. Read More…

Nigerian students develop Humane app to make any phone accessible for blind


Four Nigerian engineering students have developed software that can turn any windows phone into a smartphone accessible to visually impaired. The application software (unavailable for public download) called Humane is brainchild of Victor Shoaga, Ayodele Obasegun, Oyatope Blessing and Otaru Babatunde – engineering students at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). The app uses a compatible manual controller to make a smartphone more accessible and easy to use for blind. Read More…

Braille smartwatch keeps blind people connected with loved ones

Dot Braille smartwatch

Technology is helping visually-impaired people get a new lease of life and researchers are working hard to integrate various gadgets to achieve the needed. In a new development South Korea’s tech developer Dot has come-up with a braille smartwatch which opens-up a new way to access information for blind people. Unlike the conventional smartwatches, this wearable has an array of physical dots that make-up four characters of a word at a time.
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Novartis apps for smartwatch assists blind people in navigating crowded cities

Novartis ViaOpta app for blind

Wearable gadgets are nothing more than accessories that make our life more streamlined and productive. But when it comes to improving one’s life drastically, the wearables don’t even stand a chance. But Novartis is about to change that with their maiden app for the visually-impaired. Tailor-made for wearables like smartwatches running iOS or Android, the Novartis ViaOpta apps guide visually-impaired people to their destination.
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Blitab braille tablet brings new ray of hope for visually-impaired people

Blitab braille tablet

Here we have the world’s first braille tablet that uses liquid-based technology to map out any kind of letters, graphics, geometric figures or other content that is important to the visually-impaired. This new kind of tablet comes from an Austria-based startup Blitab Technology that is looking to revolutionize the market with its innovative gadgets that are helpful and simple to use for blind people. At the end of the day it is all about developing products that appeal to the end-user and have practical utility. That is exactly what Blitab is working on.
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Haptic glove for visually-impaired makes shopping easier in the grocery store

Third Eye haptic glove for visually impaired

Going to the food mall and buying your required eatables doesn’t seem much of a task for normal people. But for dependent visually impaired people it can be an everyday struggle. To aid blind people in getting through their daily chores without much hassle, Penn State computer scientist Vijay Narayanan with assistance from graduate student Siddharth Advani has invented a wearable device that’ll help visually impaired at the grocery shop.
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Wireless retinal implant and video goggles to help blind see again

impantable wireless chip restores-blindness

There are many retinal implants available in the market, but none really effective. Most of them are bulky, while others have wires, which create an opening around the eye allowing bacteria to enter and infect the eye. As an effective solution, researchers are working on an implantable photovoltaic chip, which is completely wireless, much safer and quite capable of restoring vision in people suffering with retinal degeneration. Read More…

Braille Rubik’s cube has 3D printed numbered tiles for unstoppable fun

3D printed braille Rubiks cube

There are many interesting records being set with Rubik’s Cube, but all that means nothing for a visually impaired person as it is just a cubical shaped object that they can hold. Do they deserve to experience what can be done with a Rubik’s Cube? Most definitely, yes. Instructables user [liquidwash] though along the same lines, and therefore put up his DIY project about a 3D printed Braille Rubik’s Cube.
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