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Wearable alcohol sensor monitors blood alcohol level in real-time

flexible wearable alcohol sensor

Finally, a device that you can wear to know your blood alcohol content is here. Simply stick it onto your skin and know if you’re still good to drive after a crazy party. Developed by the University of California San Diego researchers, this is a flexible wearable sensor that can accurately and continuously measure blood alcohol levels from sweat and communicate data wirelessly to a mobile device connected over Bluetooth. Read More…

In-car touch and breath-based sensors deter drunk driving

Driver Alcohol Detection System

Breath analyzers have been pretty successful in keeping a tap on drunk driving, but there are still people who get away with it. Sensing that best alternative to ensure people don’t drive under influence is to ensure the car doesn’t start when a person on the wheel is drunk, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States has developed a prototype of the vehicle with an state-of-the-art alcohol detection technology that restricts a drunken driver from operating the vehicle. Read More…