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BOSEbuild Bluetooth Speaker kit allows kids to build their own speaker

boseBuild bluetooth speaker kit

DIY gadgets are a rage these days, and how could a manufacturer such as Bose stay behind in the league. Embracing the maker movement, to allow buyers become makers, BOSEbuild educational division has revealed a DIY speaker. Dubbed the BOSEbuild Bluetooth Speaker, this is a project as Bose explains, to “Discover how your world works.” The customizable speaker much bigger in size than a regular Bose speaker, features larger components so that they are easy to tinker with. Read More…

Harman introduces car audio system with a detachable Bluetooth speaker

Harman Infinity Voyager Drive Bluetooth speaker system_3

Music lovers just can’t enough of music even though they listen to it 24×7. For such audiophiles Harman has introduced its latest car audio innovations at CES 2016. The one that caught my eye is the Infinity Voyager Drive Bluetooth speaker system which truly compliments your modern lifestyle. This detachable Bluetooth speaker can be plugged into the Harman dash and play music in your car. And when it is time to park your car in the garage, you can take out the speaker and play it with any Bluetooth compatible device like your smartphone.
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Waterproof Bluetooth speaker that mounts on to your bike

Black NOIZY Kameleon Series Bluetooth Speaker_3

Looking for a portable speaker that accompanies you wherever you go? Even in the bathroom with no worries about water seeping-in? Then you’ve got to consider buying the Black NOIZY Kameleon Series Bluetooth Speaker. These Bluetooth connected speaker pairs to your Android, iOS or any Bluetooth-enabled device for streaming good quality audio. Whether you want to take it outdoors or enjoy a hot shower with ear-pleasing music, this portable speaker is the one you want.
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Bluetooth speaker with dynamic visualizer gets you in the party mood

LED Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

There is a plethora of wireless speakers in the market, but only a few catch the eye. A geek wants speaker that can be bragged about and many will envy for the rest of their lives. So here is one geeky speaker which stands aloud from the rest for its cool factor. Elecom Shining Bluetooth Speaker is something that you wouldn’t have seen before for its sheer simplicity and yet its techy feel. This speaker on first look gives the impression of a carry bag but actually it has LED display that comes to life as soon as the first beat hits.
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Take Move M portable speaker with you for the next hiking trip

NudeAudio Move M speaker

This one is for serious audiophiles who can’t away with music no matter where they go. NudeAudio’s Move M portable wireless speaker connects to a plethora of devices via Bluetooth 3.0 to stream audio from your smartphone, PC or portable music players. The speaker boasts-off 8 hours of non-stop playback and when it is time to take calls you can go hands-free and do so with its speakerphone feature courtesy the dual-microphone feature.
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Apple-inspired Beats Pill+ is one cool Bluetooth speaker

Beats Pill+ bluetooth speaker

Apple acquired the dream headphones maker Beats for a crazy $3 billion last year. Acquisition somehow sent Beats into a slumber – finally Beats is awake and it has rolled out the Pill+, its first Bluetooth speaker since joining Apple. Most of us have been really pained by the Pill and Pill XL that Beats launched, what seems like an age back now. The Pill 2.0 being slimmer, more portable and equipped with a Lightning port for charging could sound revival for the company. Read More…

Afterburner Bluetooth speaker adds mega-bass to your phone’s music

Afterburner Bluetooth Portable Speaker hanging

If you like your music slightly louder than the earphones or if you have been looking for a neat speaker solution for tailgating and outdoor parties, ThinkGeek may have a Bluetooth speaker for you. $199.99 Afterburner Portable Speaker syncs with any Bluetooth device and delivers highest quality bass sound with up to 38W of audio power. Quite interestingly, Afterburner Bluetooth speaker lets you take control of your party playlist using nothing else but your iOS, Window or Android device. Read More…

Bang & Olufsen unveils Beolit 15 portable speaker for $599

Beolit 15 portable speaker by Bang & Olufsen

Beolit 15 portable speaker by Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen, Danish consumer electronics company have unveiled a portable, powerful Bluetooth speaker which looks like an updated version of their iconic Beolit 12 AirPlay speaker which was released back in 2012. Christened Beolit 15, the portable Bluetooth speaker is crafted from strong and durable polymer. The stylish look to the speaker is provided by the anodized aluminum grill that smoothly wraps around it and from its full grain leather strap that lets one carry it around with ease. Also, there is a non-slip rubber tray on top of the speaker for your mobile devices.

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Christmas gift ideas: Gadgets for outdoor enthusiasts

Christmas gift ideas - Gadget accessories for outdoor enthusiasts

This Christmas Eve outdoor adventure is going to be on top of your list for sure. For such outdoor enthusiasts, gadgets are going to be on top of the shopping list to make adventure trips and outdoor activities much more fun. Whether you are going on a hiking trip, trekking adventure or a short outdoor expedition; geeks like you surely want to have these accessories handy with you. Even if you don’t want these gadget accessories for yourself, these make for a good gift this holiday season for friends and family.
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Hands-on review: Olixar Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker bulb

oxilar light bulb speaker review

Olixar Light Bulb Speaker

We got this cool looking Bluetooth light bulb speaker from Accessories Lab for a review and we liked it on first look as we unboxed it. The packing looks robust, and secures the light bulb tightly to prevent any damage during shipping. Olixar Light Bulb Speaker (a.k.a Olixar Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker) is a very innovative product that not only sets the mood with soothing light in the room but also fills it with your favorite melodies to relax after a long day’s work. We used it over a two week period in our office to wirelessly play music from our mobile devices and laptops during work, and quite frankly enjoyed the whole experience.

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