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Doughnut shaped AeroTwist Bluetooth speaker comes with NFC

AeroTwist Bluetooth speaker

When it comes to the realm of Bluetooth speakers, the scope is not exactly novel because of their wireless characteristics. However, beyond the technological credentials, it is the uniqueness of the design that often entices us. That is exactly the case with the above pictured AeroTwist Bluetooth speaker, which is interestingly shaped like a doughnut. Designed by French luxury manufacturer of iPhone docks Jarre Technologies, the detachable round enclosure of the speaker system has its own set of usability pattern . For example, it can be slung along the flexible handles of your backpack or satchel, thus resulting in a novel music system set-up that plays while you are moving around in a footpath or trekking along a reclusive trail.

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Jawbone Mini Jambox, ultra-small wireless speaker for just about everywhere

Jawbone Mini Jambox portable wireless speaker

Jawbone the name that boosted popularity of portable wireless speakers with the Jambox in 2010, is now back to take on the market with a scaled down, i.e. in size, version of their portable speaker – the Mini Jambox. The Jawbone Mini Jambox keeps the peculiarity of loudness and spec of its predecessor in a body that is remarkably appealing and small enough to be carried around anywhere, without adding additional weight to the carry bag or pocket. Mini Jambox is a lighter and thinner portable wireless speaker, measuring only 24.5mm wide and weighing as little as 9 ounces, and it is made out of single aluminum frame that acts as an audio acoustic cavity to deliver incredible sound.

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Mirror Boombox wireless speaker shaped like Mini Copper door mirror

Mirror Boonbox

A Boombox designed in the shape of a Mini Copper rear view door mirror that is exactly what this cool audio accessory is all about. Mirror Boombox is a compact Bluetooth speaker that has wireless connection and smartphone NFC (near field communication) pairing capability. The passive woofer equipped boombox produces rich bass and can play non-stop music for 8 hours straight, after which you need to recharge this Bluetooth speaker. The Mirror Boombox comes in two color options; Union Jack and Black Jack for the price tag of 16800 Yen ($169) which is well worth the kind of quality audio that you get. Weighing just 340 grams and having a small form factor of 97x100x145 (depth, height, width); this 4W boombox is ideal for wireless playback from your gadgets.
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10 cool gizmos to take home this Gadget Day

10 cool gizmos for Gadget Day

The world is governed by gadgets and gizmos that we just can’t live without in our daily routine, and each day there is a new gadget that takes our breath away. Today is Gadgets Day and it is only apt that we acquit you with some of the coolest gadgets that you can take home. So, geeky folks, here is a compilation of the 10 cool gadgets and gizmos to lay your hands on today.

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CES 2013: Coleridge Design launches exciting new transparent aCUBE speaker system

Cool new speakers are making rounds at the CES event in Los Vegas, the latest entrant to the thick of things is transparent aCUBE speaker system designed and developed by San Jose, California-based Coleridge Design Associates. Besides showcasing the speaker system at the CES booth, Coleridge Design has also put up the transparent aCUBE for fund raising on Kickstrater. The all new speaker system combines the goodness of 6-inch cubes handmade clear cast acrylic with amazing sound of Dr Graham Bank’s BMR speaker and Class-D amplifier technology from Maxim. Read More…

Mojo Speaker-World’s thinnest Bluetooth speaker that delivers quality audio

We could very well be on our way to seeing the world’s thinnest Bluetooth speaker that goes by the name Mojo Speaker. Up for funding on Kickstarter project and created by CoverPlay Audio the Mojo Speaker is only 7mm thick and has a very flat form factor so that you can easily carry it around with you in a bag or briefcase. The wireless Bluetooth connectivity makes sure that you can pair it up with mobile devices like smartphones, tablet, MP3 players and computers. With 10 hours battery life and a rechargeable lithium ion battery Mojo Speaker is ideal for outdoors and camping activities. The sound is also thumping with a maximum of 100 decibels, enough to rock the party.

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Boombot REX- World’s smallest 2.1 surround sound wireless ultraportable speaker

There is a profound affinity amongst geeks for things small that they can carry around with them at all times. Joining the band-wagon of ultra-small geeky stuff this 2.1 wireless speaker system can be connected easily to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other audio playable device with wireless connectivity. Boombot has featured this REX Ultraportable Speaker on Kickstarter and it is not surprising that it has achieved almost double the funding goal with more than a month to go. The high quality IP53 water-proof speakers deliver crystal clear thumping sound courtesy a high power dual drivers and bass woofer. The speaker can be easily charged via USB cable from your laptop or PC and the customizable front panel gives you the option to change color of the speaker according to your liking.


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