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$36,000 jet-powered car is for one crazy, rich bragger

Pulsejet powered Lakester hot rod show car

Whenever one hears the word jet-powered, the first image that comes to mind is a vehicle racing past you at break-neck speed. This isn’t different either, and is definitely for ones who have uncontrollable desire for speed that can burn a hole in your pocket. Bob Maddox who is one crazy DIYer when it comes to jet-powered stuff has created a new jetpulse car dubbed by Bob as Pulsejet powered Lakester hot rod show car, that is inspired by the post war years.
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Going 0-60mph in nine seconds on a jet-powered coffin car

jet powered coffin-car

When everyone else was busy making spooky pumpkin contraptions for Halloween, there was one man who was building a jet-powered coffin car. Bob Maddox, who has a passion for building amazing jet-powered bikes, cars and skateboard etc., had a long time fascination of building a jet-powered coffin car. The daredevil and DIY jet enthusiast Maddox has finally  built a jet-powered coffin car that does 0-60 in nine seconds. Weighing only 400 pounds, the coffin car draws power from a pulse jet engine.

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